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This month we’re introducing the Korean New Year: Seollal, and of course we’ve included a selection of snacks that befit this theme: starting off with a pack of tteokbokki – a cult favourite street snack which can now be enjoyed anywhere you go! Along with two packs of seaweed, you can snack on them alone or use as part of the New Year recipe -Mandu guk. Finally, for some fun – a honey and cheese flavour potato snack. Yes – honey and cheese! A new year means trying new things!     

Tteokbokki snack

T T E O K B O K K I  S N A C K   쌀떡볶이

Sweet and spicy, are you a tteokbokki lover? These iconic street foods line the streets wherever you go, so we thought to bring some to you in a convenient little package. Watch out for the little spicy kick though!

Ingredients: Palm oil, Sunflower oil, Malt, Grape Sugar, Salt, Glutinous Rice, Red Chilli Paste, Cocount Cream, Sodium Hydrogen carbonate, Paprika Pigment.


H A I T A I   H O N E Y   C H E E S E   P O T A T O   S N A C K  구운 감자   허니치즈맛

Sticks of joy! These thin crunchy sticks are flavoured with honey and cheese – a combination made in heaven. What do you make of it?

Ingredients: Processed Starch Products, Vegetable Oil, Composite Seasoning, Food (Butter Seasoning, Powdered Milk Cream, Powdered Skim Milk, Butter Vegetable Hydrolysis, Soft Process Cheese, Wheat, Potato Starch, Starch, Sugar, Salt, Whey Powder, Shortening, Processed Butter(Milk, Hardened Oil), Processed Goods, Milky Paste, Acacia Honey, Acacia Honey(Grain Syrup, Cream Cheese, Butter), Wheat [Protein, Soybean, Guar Gum, Asparaginase, Fortifying Nutrient, Mineral, Salt[E524].

Allergy Alert: Milk, Cheese, Wheat, Whey, Butter, Soybean


S E A W E E D   L A V E R   T R A Y  

The recipe of the month included the dumpling soup which goes perfectly well with seaweed! Break it up and sprinkle on top of the soup to garnish. Otherwise, seaweed sheets are a healthy snack that can be enjoyed on its own too. Check out our film recommendations on our blog and instead of popcorn, why not do it the Korean way and enjoy with some seaweed?

Ingredients: Laver, canola oil, sesame oil, salt.

Allergy Alert: Sesame oil


C U L T U R E    K O R E A N   D E S I G N E D   N O T E B O O K   수첩

Keep your resolutions, goals and to do lists on track with this Korean design mini notebook! Whether it’s every day plans that need to be drawn out or travel plans to go to Korea, you’ll never forget a thing from now on.


C U L T U R E    B O N U S   E N V E L O P E

Part of the new year’s tradition is receiving envelopes of ‘lucky money’ (saebae ton 세뱃돈) from elders! Elders will give these envelopes to younger children, or older children to their parents or relatives – a way of spreading luck during the new year! Who will you gift some lucky money to?

Cat ear band

B E A U T Y –  I N S P I R E   M E   K O R E A   K O Y A N G I   H E A D B A N D 

The star beauty item of the month is our very own beauty product! We’re proud to introduce the Inspire Me Korea Koyangi 고양이 (cat) headband that will instantly streamline your cleansing and skincare game – you ain’t got time for stray hairs, or even wear it to sleep to keep stray hairs at bay! Plus look super cute whilst doing it!  Our first ever beauty product being featured in the box, we hope you like it!

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