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September is here and so is Chuseok – the celebration of thanksgiving and harvest for Koreans!

So it’s no surprise that we’ve themed our September box: the CHUSEOK box – bursting with Korean snacks, beauty and culture products that all relate to the month of celebrating this huge Korean festival! So what kind of surprises will you find in your box this month? Find out below…

For more information on how Chuseok is celebrated, why not read our monthly magazine September issue which explains all about the history and traditions of Chuseok? This is available digitally and in print in your boxes this month so look out for it!



1. Y U G W A   유 과

Yugwa is a common traditional snack eaten with relatives during Chuseok 추석 and is a rice snack made of sticky rice powder and honey!

Ingredients: Rice, Palm Olein, Corn Starch, Sugar, Rice Bran Oil, Glucose Syrup, Sesame, Wheat Flour, Salt, Monosodium Glutamate


2. S E A W E E D   S N A C K   비 비 고 김 스 낵

Crunchy and addictive, these little packets of rice cracker snacks layered with seaweed are the best kind of snacks to be sharing with friends and family!

Ingredients: Tapioca starch,water, Seaweed, Seasoning(Sugar, Salt, Yeast Extract), Brown Rice,vegetable oil pan spray(Canola Oil, antioxidant(rosemary extract)Water, Sesame Oil, Salt, Oleoresin Rosemary.


3. R E D   B E A N   J E L L Y  ( C H E S T N U T   F L A V O U R )  양 갱

A common snack made of red bean or chestnut. It is mixed with sugar and flour to give it a gummy texture. This is normally eaten during Chuseok period or are sent as a gift!

Ingredients: Lima bean, sugar, polyglycitol syrup, malt syrup, chestnut, honey, agar



K – C U L T U R E   H A N B O K   P R I N T   I N   F R A M E

Our talented illustrator, Patricia made a beautiful Hanbok illustration for all of you! This print is framed and featured in your box this month, make sure to photograph it and tag us on social media – we want to see it as part of your home decor!



N A T U R E   R E P U B L I C   B L A C K H E A D   C L E A R   N O S E   P A C K

This month we’ve picked another Nature Republic item, but this time its a nose pack! Ever tried one before? Well this is an easy and efficient method to get rid of any blackheads on the nose in a quick 15minutes! This pack softens and removes sebum from pores. The added aloe vera extract soothes and calms the area. In the end, you might be a little grossed out, but it works so well, and your nose will be looking flawless and feeling soft as ever.

Dare to take a selfie with it on? Make sure to tag us in your photos, we want to see it!



1. L I N E   C H A R A C T E R   S T I C K Y   N O T E S

We always need to remember things, and the best place to note things down are with sticky notes – these notes are quirky and cute and feature your favourite LINE characters of course!


2. L I N E   M O B I L E   E A R   C A P S

Ear caps are a great way of keeping dust, and dirt out of your headphone jack, so do it in style. Brown and Sally the Duck will keep pesky particles at bay, whilst keeping you mobile phone looking attractive!


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