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Well here we are at October already! This month’s box celebrates Hangeul – the Korean alphabet, Korean calligraphy and writing as well as all the usual exciting merchandise, beauty items and delicious snacks. Want to know what’s included in your box this month? Read on…


chang gu snack


These ring shaped snacks may look vaguely like Hula Hoops from the Western world, but don’t get it wrong, they are totally different! Crunchy and lightly drizzled in honey, here’s a warning – they’re pretty more-ish.

grandshell apple biscuit


Anyone for apple pie? This resembles a slice of a piping hot apple pie, straight from the oven! Mmmm…

flaxseed almond cookie


Looking for that healthy Korean snack? Here’s one you should note down! As you may know, flaxseed is a superfood – high in antioxidants and gluten free, which also means guilt free!

You may also receive other snacks that vary from the above. 


nature republic korean face mask

NATURE REPUBLIC – Green Tea mask:

A light toasted aroma of green tea is a perfect mid-month pick me up leaving your skin as radiant as ever! *Cue, pick me pick me pick me up*

This mask packed with antioxidants moisturises and is gentle enough for sensitive skin!

NATURE REPUBLIC – Chamomile mask:

Again, those with sensitive skin will find this calming chamomile mask a great addition to their skin care routine. Deeply hydrates and makes a great hassle free pamper session 😉




Talented calligraphist Mong Ji handmade every bookmark in your box this month! You will be receiving one of the following two bookmarks with quotes:
1. 수고했어 오늘도 – You worked hard today
2. 힘들면 한숨쉬었다 가도 괜찮아 – If it’s too burdening, it’s always okay to take a breath (rest)

We want to motivate you every day with this beautiful calligraphy art!




Since we are celebrating the Korean alphabet, how about study with us in our language sections in this magazine? We always share short and useful phrases related to the theme of the month. To aid your studies, we’ve included a beautiful Korean pen to motivate you.

Did you know?

King Sejong is on the 10,000 won bank note to commemorate his importance to Korean culture!

We really hope you enjoy this month’s October HANGEUL box and continue to be inspired by Korea! Make sure you’re subscribed to receive our exciting November box – theme which shall be revealed very soon!

Snack Ingredients: allergy advice, see ingredients in bold

Chang-gu: WHEAT FLOUR, palm oil, sugar, starch syrup, salt, ammonium bicarbonate (E-503), nutmeg powder, ogliosaccaride, sesame seed, sodium bicarbonate (E-500), smoke flavour, cinnamon powder, docosahexanoic acid, biscuit flavour

Grandshell apple biscuit: corn syrup, sugar, margarine, kidney bean paste, fructose, maltose powder, pectin, vegetable cream powder, lecithin, concentrated apple juice, sodium bicarbonate, citric acid, apple flavour, ammonium bicarbonate, butter flavour, vanilla flavour, DI-malic acid, WHEAT FLOUR, EGG

Flaxseed almond cookie: sugar, shortening, almond, vegetable cream powder, sodium bicarbonate, ammonium bicarbonate, roasted flaxseed, salt, butter flavour, WHEAT FLOUR, EGG



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