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As usual we packed out this box and filled it with goodies to prepare you for a trip of your life! We want to introduce you to other vibrant and diverse cities in South Korea other than Seoul – so mark your maps.

For those of you who are not going away this summer, don’t fret, you can have a taste of Korea from our July box. Here’s what was in it:

1. B B Q   R A M E N   S N A C K S   쫄 병 스 낵 ( 바 베 큐 )

Now that the Summer season is in full force, BBQ parties are a must! Here’s a little taster of what’s coming this year. Enjoy these little bitesize ramen chunks sprinkled with a delicious BBQ flavour.

2. C E R E A L   S N A C K – 씨 리 얼 초 코

Check out this box of chocolate flavoured bites. A light snack that could be enjoyed literally in a bowl with milk, or eaten on the go as a quick pick me up.

3. M A R G A R E T   C O O K I E S   마 가 렛 트

These little cookies are lightly buttery and has a fresh aroma, they look like they came straight out of the oven!

4. S O F T   L A Y E R   P I E   엄 마 손

These layers of crispy biscuit has got us reaching for more. Interesting fact: the Korean name for this biscuit is literally translated as ‘mother’s hands’, which is supposed to mean that you can taste ‘mum’s warm heart’. How sweet is that?

5. P R E M I U M   A L M O N D   S W E E T S   통 아 몬 드 

We are going nuts over these sweets! Each one has a whole almond inside stuck to the hard candy giving it an extra crunch and roasted nutty aroma.

6. S O U T H   K O R E A   F L A G   P I N

With this South Korea flag pin, we hope to get you excited and ready for a trip to Korea!

7. ‘ J U S T   G O ‘   K O R E A   P O S T C A R D

Uniquely designed by us at IMK, this postcard is a little push to those of you who are a bit scared to travel. We know that travelling can be daunting, and sometimes plans fall through with our friends. If you want to go, pluck up the courage and ‘Just go’! Travelling solo can be whole lot of fun, and encourages you to speak to locals too.


T O N Y   M O L Y

‘Tony Moly’ means to ‘put style into packaging’ and hey, we cannot deny how adorable the packaging is! They are one of the top beauty brands in Korea and are most well known for their fruit and animal hand creams as well as face masks.

This month we chose two of our favourite scented face masks.

M A K G E O L L I   M A S K

A fantastic sheet mask with essence made of traditional Korean rice wine. The ingredients work to balance oily complexions and is particularly effective for problematic or acne prone skin. Leaves skin feeling refreshed, tighter and cleansed.

S E A W E E D   M A S K

Seaweed extracts are known to cool, hydrate and plump up the skin! We love the ingredients which help to reduce redness and deeply hydrates. Great for dry skin!

T I P : Be careful removing the mask from the package as the sheet does not come with a backing sheet, so may easily tear if not careful.


  1. Cleanse skin
  2. Use toner
  3. Remove mask from pouch and gently apply onto the face
  4. Relax for 15 – 20 minutes
  5. Remove and pat essence into the skin



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