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Korean coffee, teas and CAFÉ inspired items in the June CAFÉ box as well as our BIGGEST K-POP MERCH box ever – with very special exclusive products of BTS and Stray Kids plus NCT127 plus a selection of Culture souvenirs, Beauty Sheet Masks and our Trends and Culture Magazine! 

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Read on to find out what’s in this month’s box:

Inspire Me Korea CAFÉ Magazine

This month, we’re covering the long history of tea, leading up to a now swiftly-changing market. We’re throwing a spotlight on a thriving café and coffee culture that’s swiftly toppling tea as the nation’s preference, and we’ve put together a course to help you navigate the scene. In our aficionado’s guide, we’ll take you through four bona-fida single origin coffee shops we think you should try, and we share our knowledge of Korea’s notable coffee districts to help you on your travels. We’ve partnered all that with a delicious recipe for you to try, along with a tea-centric beauty guide and our monthly language guide to help you navigate your way through your café safari. For this month’s music section, we spoke to creative powerhouse and female duo, Lofibaby, for the lowdown on their indie-driven sound. Read on to find out more!


Cute Fries Pencil Case

We have your perfect CAFÉ partner sorted! Work and organise your stationery on the go with this Cute Fries Pencil Case… how adorable is it?

Boy With Luv Badge

Inspire Me Korea K-POP EXCLUSIVE: we’ve designed our own BTS ‘Boy With Luv’ Badge to celebrate the boys success with this super catchy song featuring Halsey – isn’t it cute?

Stray Kids ‘We Goin’ Higher’ Badge

We’ve designed our own special Stray Kids ‘We Goin’ Higher’ badge in every June CAFÉ box! Will you be wearing this proudly Stays?

BTS x Melanie Fontana (songwriter of Boy With Luv and Euphoria) Signed Exclusive postcard

A VERY SPECIAL BTS x Melanie Fontana EXCLUSIVE item is every June CAFÉ box! We’re featuring Melanie Fontana – the femme force who co-wrote the BTS hit single ‘Boy With Luv’ and previously having written ‘Euphoria’… we’re in awe of her talent!

Set of NCT127 photo cards

Get the latest set of 5 x NCT127 Season’s Greetings 2019 photo cards to decorate your wall, or wallet!

Box of Korean tea (green tea/brown rice/corn tassel) and Maxim Coffee

Are you fan of tea? A whole box of Korean tea either brown rice and green tea OR buckwheat tea is in your June CAFÉ box! Are you a coffee addict? Try the super popular Maxim Coffee in your box.

CAFÉ-themed Language Learning material

Do you know the names of typical Korean teas and coffees? Learn how to order coffees and teas in Korean! The June CAFÉ-themed Korean Language Learning material will be your language learning partner~



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