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S N A C K S :

solomons seal tea

A soothing tea that relieves irritation in the digestive system. With a mild nutty roasted taste, it can be a great beverage for those who don’t enjoy strong tea. Solomon’s seal root is known for aiding recovery after a surgery to rebuild strength as well as help ward off colds and flus.

easter circle


A healthy bag of biscuits which started off as a little treat for children but now it is a common snack for all. A great treat with juice or coffee. It even has added vitamins such as B1, B2 and B6, so you don’t need to feel guilty snacking on these!

easter choco circle


What a cute character! These little chocolate balls are a great snack to keep in your bag ready for an emergency peckish moment. The shell is crunchy and the chocolate inside is smooth and milky.


MY CHEW APPLE – 마이쮸, 사과

A big pack of chewy apple flavoured sweets, what more is there to say but ‘DELICIOUS’!

fresh berry circle


Soft and full of a creamy berry paste in the middle, mmhmm, this is the taste of sweet Summer.



Perfect crackers to go with your tea or coffee! They’re very lightly salted. Be aware, they’re very addictive, but each pack has A LOT of crackers inside. You’re welcome 😉

B E A U T Y :


green tea mask


This green tea infused mask by Etude House is rich in anti-oxidants to help protect against damage by free radicals. Providing extra moisture and calming properties, this one is an all round winner to soothe rough and irritated skin!

girls day mask

The Snail Mask Sheet included in your box is made from snail gel (no snails harmed in the making) which contains an abundance of nutrition and helps the skin recover from acne scars and general damage.

What’s more, Girl’s Day promotes this mask! Not only do they look charming and bright, so does our skin – so we wanted to share this with you!

If you’ve also loved this mask, want to re-purchase or you’re interested to give it a try, you can pick yours up from KR Beauty Space!

E X C L U S I V E   P R O M O T I O N:

All Inspire Me Korea customers can receive this deal: When purchasing 1 box (10pcs) of snail mask sheets, leave KR Beauty Space a message that you are from Inspire Me Korea and you will receive one free sheet mask (at random)!

K P O P   I T E M :

kpop socks circle

KPOP SOCKS – 케이팝 양말
This month we have picked out a Kpop item for the box! We’ve stocked up on a range of Kpop idols for you to pick from, so you can receive these adorable ankle socks.

Perfect for the Spring weather and keep you looking fashionable!

E X T R A   E A S T E R   T R E A T

easter bun circle


These little bunnies are here to guard your desk! They keep you company when you’re studying/working late at night, they party with you when your favourite Kpop song is playing and most of all they are always injecting positive energy into your day, simply by smiling!



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