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Taeyeon to pre-release a music video for ‘I Got Love’ – NEWS

Stop what you are doing! Do we have your attention? Read this news that is hot off the press! There has been brewing excitement following the recent news that popular singer Taeyeon (SNSD/Girls’ Generation) is currently preparing a new solo album for release in 2017. However, no firm date has been announced and therefore we had low expectations for further news this month.

Yet in a surprising twist, an MV teaser was posted online today! An upcoming song that will be later featured on the album, called ‘I Got Love’ will be pre-released and have its own music video.

In the first short teaser, Taeyeon shows off an intriguing new look. Her makeup is much darker and heavier this time, and her hair is jet black to match the black and sparkling pink outfits. We think it suits her well; it seems that Taeyeon will be demonstrating a new concept in this new album! Watch the video below and see for yourselves!

Update (16.02.2017): ‘I Got Love’ is scheduled for release on 18th February, followed by her first full album in her next comeback!

Are you as excited as we are? We’ll keep you posted with any updates so keep checking the blog!

Featured image source: © 태연 ‘I Got Love’. SM Entertainment. 15.02.2017. Girls’ Generation official Facebook.

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