Over 200 Medals Have Been Won at the PyeongChang Winter Olympics!

We are coming to the end of the Winter Olympic games and it is still getting more and more exciting, records continue to be broken with one coming nearly everyday! 243 medals have been won so far and 27 countries stand proudly on the medal table. There are still 21 Gold Medals to be handed out at the games and anyone could finish top of the table or even join the bottom. Norway and Germany are currently sat at the top of the table and as the All-time medal leaders Norway will be confident they can remain on top with their 13 Gold 11 Silver and 9 Bronze medals.

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What’s making the headlines?

The Jamaican women’s bobsleigh team has had the world captivated since the qualified for the games and has experienced a rollercoaster of a ride. They finally got the chance to compete and finished in 13th place in the 2-man bob 0.62 seconds behind the eventual winners and far better than many expected.

The major bobsleigh headlines however came from the men’s 2-man bob, with the German team sitting in first place and only the Canadian team to go it was going to be a tense race. The Canadians crossed the line and looked at the clock waiting for it to flash either Green or Red to say if they had finished quicker or slower than the Germans. No light flashed up and it was the German’s who were first to realise what this meant and they sprinted onto the track to celebrate with the Canadian team as the two teams finished with identical times after 4 heats! This was the first dead heat in bobsleigh since 1998! That moment showed the true value of the Olympic Spirit, the images of the celebrations will inspire fair play and sportsmanship globally.

The German and Canadians showed Olympic Spirit but it was Canadian Figure Skaters Tessa Virtue and Scott Moir who stole hearts the world over. The pair came out of retirement in 2016 and has only lost one competition since. The pair broke points records early on in the competition before going on to win Gold, but the pair have a connection like no other in Skating and people are questioning how the two are not a couple and they have the potential to be the next big super-couple! If you haven’t seen their dances yet you are missing out!

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How is South Korea doing?

South Korea have continued to impress throughout the games and the home crowd have welcomed all their athletes with a huge cheer no matter how successful they have been. They have been treated to 9 medals in total, 4 Gold, 3 Silver and 2 Bronze and currently sit in 8th place on the table.

All but one of those medals has come from the ice rink as the Speed Skaters have continued to impress and the 12,000 seater stadium has been full every day. Lee Sang-Hwa added to the medal table with silver in the ladies 500m as Japanese skater Nao Kodaira broke the Olympic Record to win Gold. Cha Min Kyu came agonizingly close to a gold in the men’s 500m as he broke an Olympic Record to go top of the standings before Norwegian Havard Lorentzen broke his record and stole the gold by 0.01 seconds! We can only imagine how Cha Min Kyu felt watching the Norwegian skater.

The Men’s Team Pursuit brought Korea another Silver after a fantastic performance against New Zealand in the Semi Final but they couldn’t quite match the speed of the Norwegians despite being just ahead with 3 laps to go.

The latest Gold came back on the Short Track in the Ladies 3000m Relay, Shim Sukhee, Kim Yejin, Choi Minjeong and Kim Alang finished nearly 8 Seconds ahead of the Italian team who were the only other finishers after Canada and China were disqualified. This disqualification meant a long wait for the Korean team while the judges reviewed the footage and the Korean team were suspected of causing the crash which lead to the Canadian and Chinese teams being disqualified but the judges ruled in favour of South Korea and a huge cheer shook the arena as the crowd erupted!

Away from the ice rink, the Korean Women’s Curling team have been a dominant force and finished top of the group having only lost once to the Japanese team, who they will face in the Semi Final. They are one win away from a medal and it is lining up for a huge final against Great Britain which would see the two best teams of the games go head to head for Gold.

There are still a few other events left for the Korean’s to add to their medal tally, Choi Dabin is in the Ladies Single Skating final and will have the home crowd on her side as she looks to win Korea’s first Figure Skating medal of the games. Back in the Speed Skating the men’s 500m Short Track will see Hwang Daeheon, Seo Yira and Lim Hyojun competing in different Quarter Finals, while Kim Alang, Choi Minjeong and Shim Sukhee are in different Quarter Finals in the Ladies 1000m. The Men’s Relay team competes in the 5000m Final after breaking an Olympic Record in the Semi Final!

Written by Imran Ali



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