News Roundup: What happened in March?

The most important question is not what happened this month, but what did not happen. Produce 101 started filming earlier this month and provided enough drama to last until next year. There was too much to include in this month’s news roundup, but maybe there will be a side post to give you the low down of the show and the participants’ controversies.

Other news from this month include miss A’s and popular actress Suzy donating a sum of money to Life Share, a charity which supports the medical treatment and physical therapy of patients in South Korea; and rapper Iron booked without detention for allegedly assaulting his girlfriend.

However, here are the news highlights for March which sadly involves a celebrity couple break up. Who will it be? Is your bias now single? Find out in the roundup down below.

Sulli and Choiza have broken up

Image source: © Sulli and Choiza, 30.03.2017, Soompi,

Image source: © Sulli and Choiza, 30.03.2017, Soompi,

Another celebrity couple have ended their relationship. Another ship name to discard. We will always remember SM Entertainment’s first official couple EXO’s Baekhyun and Girls’ Generation’s Taeyeon, #BaekYeon. Former f(x) member Sulli and Dynamic Duo’s Choiza have broken up despite being together for nearly three years. They had gained attention as one of the biggest couples of the entertainment industry, but it was confirmed by their labels that the pair had broken up earlier this month.

However, it seems no love was lost as Sulli and Choiza decided they will remain a sunbae-hoobae relationship (like colleagues). Choiza’s label Amoeba Culture stated: “The two people naturally grew apart due to the busy schedules and different ways of life. They will now treasure the time they spent together as good memories, and support each other’s future at their own positions as a good colleague and friend.”

We wish Sulli and Choiza the best in their future endeavours.

Gong Yoo ranks first place in brand reputation for film actors

Image source: © Gong Yoo in Goblin, 30.03.2017,

Image source: © Gong Yoo in Goblin, 30.03.2017,

Gong Yoo took first place in brand reputation for film actors. For the third time in a row. The man is unbeatable. The Korea Business Research Institute revealed their March brand reputation rankings for film actors based on over 36 million pieces of data. The Goblin actor took first place with a score of 5,681,565 and proved he continues to gain popularity with a 47.04 percent increase from his score last month.

Lee Byung-Hun, who played Soo-Hyun in I Saw The Devil (2010) and President Jin in Master (2016), took second place; and Kim Soo Hyun, who played Do Min Joon in the popular drama My Love From Another Star, took third place.

The full rankings are available on Soompi.

Naver invests 100 billion won into YG Entertainment

Image source: © Naver, 30.03.2017, Seoul Space,

Image source: © Naver, 30.03.2017, Seoul Space,

The largest internet corporation in Korea has collaborated with YG Entertainment by investing 100 billion won into the company. YG will be laughing their way to the bank. Quite literally. Naver, who owns the global messenger system LINE, has invested their money into YG to help grow and strengthen their global market.

The South Korean web portal invested 50 billion into YG in purchasing shares – making Naver the second largest shareholder – and the rest into YG Investment Fund, which is a subsidiary company of YG Plus.

The funds are to be used for media contents and mobile systems. CEO Yang Min Seok said: “With our collaboration with Naver, we will be making our content more approachable through Naver platforms such as V Live, LINE, SNOW, as these have a large user base not only in Korea, but globally.”

What do you think of Naver’s collaboration with YG Entertainment? Will it be a success? Let us know in the comments!

SEVENTEEN become the first Korean celebrities featured on Instagram’s official account

Image source: © SEVENTEEN, 30.03.2017, Pinterest,

Image source: © SEVENTEEN, 30.03.2017, Pinterest,

Pledis Entertainment are not one of the biggest South Korean agencies, but like BigHit, they are the underdogs of the industry. Pledis’ rising star SEVENTEEN became the first Korean celebrities featured on Instagram’s official account.

The thirteen member group appeared on the feed of nearly 220 million users whilst they were on tour in Japan. The account uploaded a photo of SEVENTEEN in their neon attire they wore for their performance of H.O.T’s ‘Happiness’ at the MBC Gayo Daejejun on December 31 last year. The caption said: “Today, we’re hanging out with K-pop stars SEVENTEEN while they’re on tour in Japan. Check out our story now to go behind the scenes as they gear up for a big performance.” 

f(x)’s Amber expresses frustration with SM Entertainment on social media

Image source: © f(x)'s Amber, 30.03.2017, SBS,

Image source: © f(x)’s Amber, 30.03.2017, SBS,

Uh oh. SM Entertainment has a lot of explaining to do after f(x)’s Amber expressed her frustration in a series of social media posts. The American rapper and singer, who is a member of the electropop-based group, posted a blank photo with a cryptic message.

This is an excerpt from her post two weeks ago:

“I’ve given my everything. I tried to work things out. Whether it be the creative or business, I’ve been doing everything myself for years so I can keep myself afloat. But in the end, I’m continuously neglected, hurt, and taken advantage of.”

Fans of Amber are concerned for her health and her welfare and even came to their own conclusion it is directed to her label SM Entertainment. Whilst the members of f(x) are focusing on solo projects, the group have not released any new music since their fourth studio album 4 Walls in 2015.

It comes to question whether SM are putting the group on the back burner. Amber recently posted another message – this time more directed to the company. She said: “We don’t have time for you”… Instead of waiting, for the past 5 years I’ve been writing my own songs, making my own albums, producing, directing, and/or editing my videos…Even after 5 years, I’m given the same answer. They still tell me I’m not good enough. What more do I have to do?”

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