News roundup: What Happened in April?

With the second season of Produce 101 well underway and has brought new batches of drama and exposure of scandalous past lives, April has been anything but quiet. There has also been news about a former EXO member and SM Entertainment, the death of the first female filmmaker, and a pair of celebrities confirmed to be dating.

It is better late than never for the news roundup for April. Let’s get ready and dive right into it.

Former Running Man member Gary married in secret

Image source: © Gary, 12.05.2017, Allkpop,

Image source: © Gary, 12.05.2017, Allkpop,

South Korea’s popular variety show Running Man has been through up and downs the best part of last year. And this year has been no different. Former cast member Gary left the show late last year due to his desire to focus on music. However the member of hip hop duo Leessang surprised his fans (and everyone he knew!) even further when he announced his marriage on social media.

Despite being close to his former cast members, Gary did not inform any of them about his plans to marry. A representative from Running Man said: “We did not know about Gary’s marriage at all. Even the members were very shocked about the news.” Gary posted on Instagram: “I got married to the person I love today. There was no wedding, but the two of us became a married couple through our own expression. My wife is a non-celebrity woman, who shook my soul in a moment. Though there may be those of you who are shocked by the marriage news, I hope you bless our new future with a happy heart.”

Lee Sung Kyung and Nam Joo Hyuk confirmed to be dating

Image source: © Nam Joo Hyuk and Lee Sung Kyung, 12.05.2017, Allkpop,

Image source: © Nam Joo Hyuk and Lee Sung Kyung, 12.05.2017, Allkpop,

Lee Sung Kyung and Nam Joo Hyuk have confirmed to be dating after being co-stars in MBC’s Weightlifting Fairy Kim Bok Joo. Yipee! A report from YG Entertainment confirmed the news and stated that the pair developed romantic feelings for each other after being close friends since their modelling days.

The models turned actors recently starred in the romantic comedy drama Weightlifting Fairy Kim Bok Joo which ended in January this year and also in tvN’s Cheese In The Trap. Congratulations to the new idol couple!

Korea’s first female director Park Nam Ok passes away

Image source: © Park Nam Ok, 12.05.2017, Soompi,

Image source: © Park Nam Ok, 12.05.2017, Soompi,

Park Nam Ok passed away at the age of 94 from natural causes at her home in Los Angeles. Nam Ok made her debut with her first and last feature film in black and white called ‘The Widow’. The film was about the struggles and issues facing widowed women during the Korean war which was a controversial subject at the time.

She also faced criticism as a female pioneer in the male-dominated film industry. The Women in Film Association of Korea produced a documentary entitled ‘Beautiful Life’ in 2001 based on Nam Ok’s story. During an interview in the documentary, Nam Ok said: “I suffered tremendously when I was filming ‘The Widow,’ but looking back at that time, I would give anything to re-live those days.”

IU suing YouTuber for sexual harassment and slander

Image source: © IU, 12.05.2017, Allkpop,

Image source: © IU, 12.05.2017, Allkpop,

Someone has got on the wrong side of Fave Entertainment’s IU as she plans to sue a YouTuber for sexual harassment. The singer-songwriter and actress was subjected to sexual and derogatory comments during a live broadcast. The YouTuber referred to as ‘A’ said in response to a question whether he likes his dog or IU, he said: “Of course I like IU. I can’t help myself. Why? Because a pet can’t give me ***, but IU can.” He continued: “Because life is ***… you can understand, if you’re a man. That’s life.”

The singer’s agency said they will file an official lawsuit because of the severity of the slander. Whilst ‘A’ apologised, he said he was “joking” and that he says “a lot of sexual comments, and make a lot of these types of jokes.”

 Jaden Smith to make his K-Pop debut

Image source: © Jaden Smith and G-Dragon, 12.05.2017, Allkpop,

Image source: © Jaden Smith and G-Dragon, 12.05.2017, Allkpop,

Jaden Smith, the son of Jada Pinkett Smith and Will Smith, is one step closer to becoming a K-Pop star. The American actor and rapper revealed he will be dropping his single soon after expressing his interest in K-Pop on Twitter. One of his tweets confirmed Smith was serious about his quest to become a K-Pop star. He tweeted: “People See Me And Ask Me If I Wanna Be A K Pop Star As If I Haven’t Made My Goals For 2017 Clear”.

He also said BIGBANG’s G-Dragon was his inspiration after the pair met in Paris last year. Which makes the news of his K-Pop single less surprising to fans.

How do you feel about Jaden Smith and his venture into K-Pop? Will he flop?

Former EXO member Tao loses lawsuit against SM Entertainment

Image source: © Tao, 12.05.2017, SBS,

Image source: © Tao, 12.05.2017, SBS,

The battle between former Chinese EXO members against SM Entertainment continues. This time news that the Seoul Central District Court had ruled against Tao in his lawsuit against his former agency. Tao and his lawyer put forward issues regarding the duration of his contract with SM Entertainment, distribution of profit and discrimination. They even claimed the contract was unfair.

However, the court decided against the nullification of his contract because they found no unjust terms. The lawsuit has been on-going since 2015 after Tao and two other Chinese members, Kris and Luhan, left the group without approval.

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