News Round Up: What Happened In October!

It’s hard to think that in two months 2018 will be upon us, the year has gone by too quickly and a lot has happened so far – and there’s still more to come before the year ends!

So for those of you who were swamped with school, work or Halloween preparations, here’s some of the many comebacks, debuts and events that you may have missed in October~!

All the Comebacks

©You Are, 26.10.2017,

©You Are, 26.10.2017,

One of the things we were most excited for this month was all the K-Idol comebacks (of which there were many!) and the music videos that came with them.

From October 2nd we were treated to; Kim Kyu Jong’s 안녕, 봄 (Hello, Spring), Got7’s You Are, Nu’est W’s WHERE U AT, DAVICHI’s 나에게 넌 (To Me), DIA’s Goodnight, SF9’s O Sole Mio, Taemin’s Move, HIGHLIGHT’s Can Be Better, BTOB’s Missing You, and A.C.E’s Callin.

Besides comebacks we had many new artists debut as well, such as HashtagRAINZ, IN2IT, and O My Jewel!

New Drama ‘Clean With Passion For Now’

©일단 뜨겁게 청소하라, 26.10.2017, comico.k

©일단 뜨겁게 청소하라, 26.10.2017, comico.k

It has been confirmed that JTCB are making a drama based on the popular webtoon Clean With Passion For Now, which centres around the relationship between an untidy woman and germaphobic man, who (of course) eventually fall for each other!

Set to air in 2018, Kim Yoo Jung has already been cast as the heroine of the drama and we’re beyond excited to see who else will be casted and how the drama will play out.

Amber of f(x) Calls Out Her Haters

We already knew that Amber Liu is one of the most funny and sassy idols ever, especially when questioned about her style and appearance, so we weren’t very shocked when she responded to a lot of rude comments regarding her flat chest and tattoos.

In a video ingeniously titled ‘WHERE IS MY CHEST?’, Amber rounds up some of her friends in the hopes that they can help her find her ‘missing’ breasts, which leads to some hysterical content! Watching this gem sure made our day and we’re sure it’ll make yours!

K-Pop Dominates Billboard World Chart

© 태민, 26.10.2017,

© 태민2, 26.10.2017,

No doubt we weren’t the only ones both pleasantly surprised and thrilled to see not one, not two, but seven K-Pop artists weave their way through the fifteen spots on the Billboard World Album Chart!

Coming in at #1 (for five weeks in a row!) is BTS’s Love Yourslf: Her, #3 is Taemin’s Move, #5 is Got7’s 7 For 7, #7 is SF9’s Knights of the Sun, #9 is Highlight’s Celebrate, #14 is BTOB’s Brother Act and JBJ’s Fantasy is #15.

It’s awesome that some of our favourite groups and idols are getting international recognition and we hope to see more K-Pop taking over the charts in the future!

MAMA and MMA Voting Begins

Lastly, on the 19th of October the candidates for the Mnet Asian Music Awards were revealed and voting began, it was also confirmed that the MAMA awards will be held in three locations; Japan, Vietnam and Hong Kong!

Voting also began for the Melon Music Awards when they announced their forty nominees for their Top 10 Artists of the Year (which surprisingly included Ed Sheeran!) on the 26th of October.

Voting for the MAMA’s ends on the 28th of November and the MMA’s voting period end’s November 12 – so you better get in there quick before it ends! You can vote for the MAMA’s here and for the MMA’s here.

We hope you’re as excited as we are for both award shows and the amazing performances in store in the upcoming months~!

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Featured Image Source: © 태민, 26.10.2017,

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