What Happened This Month: December!

Well that’s it for 2017 folks! Another year has gone by so quickly that it’s somewhat hard to process, but we hope everyone is ready for the exciting things the new year has in store for us all.

So if you’ve been too busy with last minute shopping and life in general to keep up with what’s happened this month, don’t stress, we’ve got you covered!

Here’s what you may have missed in December~!


©태민2, 25.12.2017, taemin.smtown

©태민2, 25.12.2017, taemin.smtown

This month the comebacks didn’t stop, so lets just jump right into them!

From the beginning of December, we had comebacks from EXO, Taeyeon, TWICE, GOT7, Day6, B.A.P, Taemin, Ravi, Crush and many others, as well as debut’s by THE BOYZ, SHA SHA, 24K’s SOO and LOONA’s CHUU!

Melon Music Awards Winners

©hyuna MMA, 25.12.2017, youtube

©hyuna MMA, 25.12.2017, youtube

On the second of December, the Melon Music Awards took place in Seoul. The results are based on the artist’s performance on the online music store Melon, so here are some of the artists that won some of the the 23 different awards!

EXO won Artist of the Year, IU’s Palette won Album of the Year, BTS’ Spring Day won Song of the Year, Wanna One was declared Best New Artist and Park Hyo-shin’s performance of I am a Dreamer won Stage of the Year.

Other winners included TWICE’s Knock Knock and EXO’s Ko Ko Bop for Best Female/Male Dance, Suran for Best R&B/Soul, Melomance for Best IndieMin Kyung Hoon & Super Junior’s Kim Heechul for Best Rock, Hyuna for the MBC Music Star AwardEd Sheeran for Best Pop, Aliee for Best OST and BTS for the Global Artist Award.

Congratulations to all the winners!

Gordon Ramsay Appears on a Korean Cooking Show

No doubt we weren’t the only ones surprised when the infamous British chef Gordon Ramsay appeared as a guest on 158th episode JTCB’s Please Take Care of my Refrigerator (냉장고를 부탁해).

All the chef’s and presenters rose out of their seats and stared in awe when Ramsay entered the set smiling and waving, but they were mostly shocked by how friendly and, as one chef described, gentle he looked.

At one point the captions said Ramsay’s appearance would be equivalent to ‘Eminem showing up on Show Me the Money’ or ‘Bear Grylls in Law of the Jungle’ – it was certainly a strange sight to see and we recommend you watch the whole episode with a bowl of snacks by your side!

Taeyang and Min Hyo Rin’s Engagement

©Taeyang-Min-Hyo-Rin, 25.12.2017,

©Taeyang-Min-Hyo-Rin, 25.12.2017,

We were beyond happy when the BIGBANG member confirmed his engagement to actress Min Hyo Rin this month and have been waiting for that announcement since the couple confirmed they were dating back in 2015!

Since Taeyang and G-Dragon are to enlist for their military service soon, Taeyang stated that he plans to register his marriage with Hyo Rin before he enlists.

It has also been rumoured that fellow members Daesung and Seungri will enlist with Taeyang and G-Dragon, so that they will return as a group more quickly. So our warmest congratulations go to the couple and we hope we won’t have to wait too long to see BIGBANG together again!

The Death of Kim Jonghyun

©종휸, 25.12.2017, jonghyun.smtown

©종휸, 25.12.2017, jonghyun.smtown

Finally, something we never thought we would have to write, on the 19th of December we all had to say goodbye to Kim Jonghyun.

He was, and always will be, a source of happiness and comfort for many people around the world and his music will never fail to inspire us. It breaks our hearts to think he was in so much pain, but hope he can rest well till the end of time.

Our deepest sympathies go to his family, friends and the members of SHINee – and to anyone who was affected by his parting. It may be difficult for a while, for some more than others, but please try not to let the sadness and the pain destroy you, rather, let it make you stronger.

If you’re struggling with dark thoughts or just need someone to talk to, please contact any of these international hotlines – and try to meditate on the encouraging message that SHINee’s leader Onew wrote;

“It doesn’t matter who you are or what you do. Just remember this one thing. Someone loves you more than you love yourself. I will cheer you on as well. I love you.”

Feature Image Source: ©태민, 25.12.2017, taemin.smtown

Claudia Deborah

[cries while listening to Ring Ding Dong]



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