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Interview with SLCHLD – K-SPOTLIGHT (Special)

This month we are pleased to present an interview with a fresh new artist, SLCHLD, hailing from Canada with aspirations to break into the Korean music industry. SLCHLD has been writing lots of new material lately, and we happened to stumble upon some of those tracks! We are excited to discover an artist with lots of potential, and are pleased to support him on his way to a fully-fledged music career! A big thanks to him for making time to do this interview 🙂

SLCHLD writes a range of music, spanning hip-hop, R&B, soul and there are even a few tracks tinged with folk. Some of his recent work has entered the Naver musician league. We like a lot of the tracks that he’s been coming up with, so make sure you return to the blog to read our review and track recommendations in a few days time. Excellent music awaits!

Support SLCHLD by listening to his music! Here are links to his Soundcloud page and YouTube channel. Please listen a lot!


1. Can you introduce yourself and your music for those that might not have heard of you before?

Hi! My name is Doohyuk, but I go by the alias SLCHLD. I am a vocal artist born in South Korea, living in Canada. I started putting out music seriously around January this year. The platform I mainly use to share my music is Soundcloud.


2. How did you start out with your career and was it a case of learning as you go? Did you have anyone to act as a mentor or give you any guidance?

I had and still have people that I look to for advice. The learning stage was really hard in a sense that for a person like me, it’s too difficult to cope with on my own. However, I am also very lucky to have met other artists who consider me as a friend, and they have helped me shape my music into the way it is today.


3. What attracted you to R&B, soul and hip-hop music? And what music do you personally like to listen to at the moment?

I don’t force myself to listen to one specific genre. Most of the songs I listen to now and then connect with me by giving me energy and new perspectives in music, soul, and life. R&B, soul, and hip-hop music just so happen to reach me the best way.

Currently, my playlist includes music by Post Malone, Travis Scott, Daniel Caesar, Joey Badass, Zacari, J.Cole, and Kendrick Lamar. These artists motivate me from multiple angles, as their music ranges from R&B, Folk, to hip-hop.


© SLCHLD. 03.07.2017.


4. What is your earliest musical memory?

When I was young, my older brother often filled my mp3 player with music. I was listening to 이적, 서태지, 윤미래, Dynamic Duo, Bobby Kim, Drunken Tiger, and other artists and groups. However, when I moved to Canada, I started to search for music on my own and I was influenced by artists from different countries such as Kanye West, Justin Timberlake, and Jason Mraz.

5. Can you describe some examples of where you found inspiration for some of your music – such as Instant, Selfish and 나아가고싶어? How did those initial ideas or expression then develop into the finished product?

The three songs mentioned are some of my personal pieces. With these, I tried to convey more of myself as Doohyuk, rather than the artist, SLCHLD. They also dive into different genres from the usual R&B songs I make. I came to realize that I like being flexible when it comes to genres through these songs.

6. Which of your compositions are you most proud of and why?

My recent song with Rheehab, “Call this love”, would be one of my favorite songs. It has a simple arrangement, and is easy to sing along to. The song itself is light, and feels like a breeze. The rapping verse doesn’t go in too hard, but compliments the vocals just right.

7. ‘Wisdom’ and ‘Prayer’ are quite different from your other music but are great too! What inspired you to make these kinds of songs?

Recently, I realized that I was getting ahead of myself. I felt somewhat satisfied with what I had at the time and that type of feeling is not what I need in order to grow as an artist. So I took some time off socializing to slow down and reflect on what’s important to me in the state I am right now. These two songs are my response to what I’ve felt and reflected throughout that time.

8. We noticed that you have dramatically increased your output in recent months. Was this a very creative period for you, or did you amass a lot of tracks that you had been reserving for release at this time?

There’s a lot of emotions mixed into the work I put into, and sometimes it can be constant, and other times I just don’t have the urge to do it. In the past, I used to care a lot about the responses people gave such as “likes, reposts, and shares” and so on. I came to realize that kind of thinking only brought my feelings down, so as soon as I think that a track is ready, I release it. Everyone’s obsessed with numbers, notifications, and hearts, but music shouldn’t be treated like that; you’d never know what you like.


“Everyone’s obsessed with numbers, notifications, and hearts, but music shouldn’t be treated like that; you’d never know what you like.”


9. You are very good at working with others on music projects, is this something that happens naturally? Say stemming from discussions with other producers or musicians, or is collaborating something you actively like to pursue?

I’m very spontaneous when it comes to collaborating with other people. I find myself being rather picky over what I like, but I still keep a broad perspective about music. I must admit I’m not the best at keeping track of what to do and suchlike, but if my musical mood is in high spirits, I could just make something with another artist over a simple conversation on Skype.


SLCHLD and RHEEHAB collaborated for the song ‘Call This Love’

10. What kinds of factors influence your decisions to write tracks in Korean or English or a mixture of both? Is it easier to express yourself with phrases in particular languages?

Unless I’m collaborating with another artist, I generally never force myself to write in one language. However, I’m more fluent in English than Korean, so most of the time I write in English.

11. You managed to support some well-known rappers such as Reddy and G2 at an early stage in your career. How did this come about and what did you think of the experience?

The amateur music community I was exposed to here in Vancouver was rather small. One of my artist friends and leader of my crew Wild Waves, Cla$$ic, gave me and my members a chance to open for G2 and Reddy. It was an honor and seeing actual professionals performing gave me great motivation to pursue music.


© SLCHLD. 03.07.2017.

12. In general, how difficult do you think it will be for a newcomer to break through into the Korean music scene? Are you planning to target both international and Korean listeners?

I can’t say if it’s easy or hard for a newcomer to break through. A lot of the people that lead this scene have a lot of confidence in their music, regardless of what they do. In my eyes, the world was in my sights before any specific country.


“A lot of the people that lead this scene have a lot of confidence in their music, regardless of what they do. In my eyes, the world was in my sights before any specific country.”


13. Where are you mainly based now? Do you need to keep travelling between Vancouver and Korea or is it relatively easy to work remotely nowadays in the music industry? Where does the recording process happen?

I am mainly based in Canada. I am nowhere wealthy enough to constantly travel back and forth. Most of the communication is made with other artists via email and Skype. I record in my own home. One of my goals right now is to permanently move to South Korea to pursue my music.


14. Can you relate to aspects of Canada and South Korea culturally or do you align yourself more with one compared to the other?

Both countries have their pros and cons to live in. Being a part of the Canadian culture most of my life, I had some difficulty adapting to the Korean lifestyle in South Korea.


15. What kind of issues do you think are particularly challenging for artists of today? What kind of unexpected obstacles have you encountered?

I think one of the biggest obstacles for an upcoming musician is money. Not only is it hard to earn, but equipment is also very expensive. When I used a mic that picked up a lot of noise, I had to resort to applying a lot of effects and alterations which took up so much of my time to make the sound decent. I often got lazy to create music even if I was excited to do it.


© SLCHLD. 02.08.2017.

16. What do you like to do in your downtime?

I generally hang out with friends or play video games with them. I still love to hold conversations about music at any time.


17. Are you interested in ever releasing a physical CD or do you think that digital is where your focus will solely be?

I want to get an official EP or an album out by the end of next year. I have no label or company behind me so I’m a bit lost, but progress is being made.


18. What do you consider to be the most memorable thing to happen to you so far?

Six months ago, I would’ve never thought to have fans that encourage me to pursue music. This feeling is very new and refreshing to me, and is a big motivation.


19. Have you made any plans for the rest of this year and 2018? What kind of things do you hope to achieve in the near future?

At this point, I’m preparing for a bigger project to be released in multiple platforms. I’ll most likely experiment with genres I haven’t touched before and try my best to connect with fans and peers more.

(Answers have been partially edited with permission from the artist)

That’s the end of our interview with SLCHLD – we hope that our readers enjoyed reading this one! Thanks again to SLCHLD for taking part, he really does make some cool music, so remember to read the special music feature we will be publishing on the blog about him very soon!


Featured image and in-article images source: © SLCHLD. 02.08.2017. All images were either provided directly from the artist or reproduced from social media channels for specific use in this article.

© Interview with SLCHLD. 04.08.2017. Inspire Me Korea

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