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Interview with Villain – K-SPOTLIGHT (Special)

The next artist to feature in our K-SPOTLIGHT series is solo artist, Villain! Now making a name for himself on a more international stage, this young and upcoming performer is beginning to make large waves with his music and we think that he has great talent. We’re very thankful to Villain who was able to sit down and make some time for us to answer some questions! We’re delighted to share them with you, our readers, so that you can get to know more about the  artist behind the music. Villain is both articulate and passionate, so it was refreshing to sit back and listen as he spoke clearly of his ambitions and goals for the future. He also carries the vibe of an easy-going and chilled out guy, so we enjoyed having the opportunity to interview him!

Thus far, he has released some music in the R&B/soul genre, and describes himself as an R&B/hiphop artist. He possesses smooth and clear vocals and has even recently recorded some cover versions. Now you can also read our review on Villain’s music and listen to some recommended tracks!

We thank Villain for giving his time, and for such a thoughtful interview, and we wish him great success in the future. We hotly anticipate all his future releases, and our entire team look forward to hearing them!


If you would like to support Villain, buy his digital singles ‘Rainy Night’ and ‘Fairy’ on iTunes.


1. Can you introduce yourself and tell us a little about your preferred style of music?

My name is Villain. I’m a Korean RnB/hiphop artist and I’m 20 years old. I’m under a label called Planetarium Records and a crew called AlphaDict (Now – PLT).


2. What made you decide to become a music artist? Was it something you were always interested in doing from a young age?

When I was younger, I studied classical music. So at about age 4, I learned to read musical notation before I had even learned to read any languages. Music kicked into my subconscious before anything else so it just had to be in my instinct from very early on.


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3. What is music to you?

Sounds cheesy but it’s the closest thing I have to a fiancé. We fuss over rubbish and go out of control. But then we kick it off not even the next day but the next minute, and its all good. And after that a good track is cooked up and something is made out of nothing. I’m hoping my actual future partner is just like it. Lol


4. How do you find inspiration for your songs? Is there anyone in the music industry that you ask for advice or look up to?

I write about what I’ve actually been through in my real life. I’m a very transparent person in general so my lyrics are usually forthright and have nothing more or less meaning than what they exactly state. Advice-wise, I go to Gaho and Jinwoo Jung, who are artists in my crew. Clever dudes. It’s not that they have all the answers to my questions marks but they know how to spit some nice words.


5. Are you influenced by any other artists?

I’m influenced mostly by Jay Park and Justin Bieber. Jay Park is a Korean hiphop RnB artist who is a singer, a rapper, a songwriter, and a dancer all at the same time. He dedicates his career to prosper K-HipHop culture and for that he gets saluted by OGs and the up-and-coming youth worldwide. He knows how not to be a great big somebody but make friends with nobodies. As for Justin Bieber, he is one of the most successful recording artists of this era. He gets to work with the most dedicated and talented music producers of all time all around the world, so basically there’s no doubt that his music is fire. A huge shout out to Jay Park and JB.




6.Your track ‘With Me’ was sung entirely in English, and you have also released others (like ‘Rainy Night’) that are sung in Korean. Do you enjoy being able to switch between languages?

It’s a blessing for me to able to speak both Korean and English, because as an artist, I get to have a broader audience for my art. Although I speak both in real life, I try to fill most of my lyrics with Korean. I guess I was just taught to have pride in my own language.


7. Do you have a place where you prefer to go to work on your music and songwriting?

I just try to keep the flight crew small and quiet when I cook a beat and write or record a track.




8. What goals do you have for 2017?

My goals this year are to release a lot of music a lot more frequently (like shooting out bullets) and have some time on stages during the Korean music festival season during the summer. I’m excited to see how everything branches out from there.


9. What kind of challenges do you face as a new artist?

To be frank, I don’t feel many challenges as a new artist. I’m just doing what I’ve loved doing my entire life and mark my words that’ll never change. I believe that if I honestly enjoy what I do, nothing’s unendurably frustrating. S*** seems like tragedy close up, but comedy in the long haul. After all, God gives me only what I can handle.


10. Describe a typical day for you!

I’m in studio 6 days a week and I say that with no exaggeration. Other than the studio, I’m at the gym, dance practice, or at home with netflix on.


11. What kind of music do you personally enjoy listening to? Is there any particular reason? Any songs to recommend?

I mostly have hiphop and RnB music on in my car. I think that’s because my parents had a lot of black music and American or British pop music on as my prenatal music. They’ve just got trendy tastes in general and they know what’s good in town. Big Sean has an album out. It’s called “I Decided”. Ya’ll gotta check that out, it’s fire.


12. What is your favourite place in Korea and why?

My favourite place in Korea is Itaewon, Seoul. You can see people of all races and ages there. My studio is in Itaewon so when I’m out, I’m usually there. If you’re in town and spot me, feel free to come up and say hi.


(Responses have been partially edited with permission from the artist)


If you are interested in Villain after reading this interview, remember to read our music feature and review!
Please remember to support the artist! Villain’s music is available to purchase digitally on iTunes (‘Rainy night’ and ‘Fairy‘).


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