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Interview with The Night of Seokyo – K-SPOTLIGHT (Special)

This month’s special interview is with producing team The Night of Seokyo! Cloaked in mystery due to the members never appearing in photographs or being outright named, we were intrigued to find out more and share some new information with our Inspire Me Korea readers! They still want to keep their identities a secret, so we’re going to show some of their album artwork in this article. However, the thing that they have in common with our previous recommendations is…of course, that they make amazing music! We hope that you’ll agree and listen to their songs, and support the members by buying some for yourselves.

The Night of Seokyo have a diverse range of different songs; some are upbeat numbers, with others being mellow, so we’re confident that you’ll find something you’ll like. Check out our review to find out what tracks we recommend! It will appear on the blog so keep a eye out for it.

You can purchase music from iTunes or Google Play, and stream on Spotify!

We thank Reo Choi of independent label Mun Hwa In for all the help given in putting this interview together 🙂 And also to the members of The Night of Seokyo for participating!


© The Night of Seokyo. Mun Hwa In. 12.01.2018.


1. Can you introduce the members of ‘The Night of Seokyo’ to new fans? How long have you been a group together and what does the name mean?

We are a producing crew – we make our songs and work with different guest singers who we feel have a good fit with our music. So far, we have not made ourselves known to the public yet. The Night of Seokyo is made up of five members including a guitarist, pianist, sound maker, mc, etc. and each member can compose and arrange music.

‘Seokyo’ is the name of a young and lively district located in Hongdae, Seoul. We wanted to describe the emotional night of the area.

“The Night of Seokyo first began as a team of three composers…musicians gradually joined us and we finally formed a crew. Having a family that allows us to do something together or to share happy moments with is our greatest achievement.”

2. How did you start doing music as a career and how would you describe the sound of your music?

All of us have been active in the music scene for quite a while. We gathered together to share emotions and to be experimental rather than that stick to a particular genre or style. That is the reason we have a wide range of songs.


3. What are the fun parts to producing and how do you work together as a team? How do you generate ideas?

We often meet together for musical work. We check out the latest music trends, discuss our thoughts, and watch lots of videos on YouTube. It is actually lots of fun to watch the initial ideas grow into new music, so we enjoy this process.


4. Often your songs have female vocalists, how did you decide the singer who would do the vocals? Dawon features the most – how did you meet her? And what about the other vocalists?

We’ve enjoyed working with all our featured vocalists. However, Dawon helped the songs of The Night of Seokyo become more expressive because of her soft and dreamy vocal colour.

We often worked with talented singers that were practicing to be vocalists. Although they were not very experienced, we thought that their voices could harmonize with our music well and suggested working together.


5. Many of your music video shoots happen at night time. Was this your idea? Do you think your music fits the atmosphere of the night?

To us, night is the time that has multiple meanings. Night could be the period that reminds us of the memory of loved ones or that keeps us thinking alone. As we were trying to illustrate different aspects of night into music and music videos, we naturally happened to shoot at night.


© The Night of Seokyo. Mun Hwa In. 12.01.2018.


6. Congratulations on the release of ‘Sad winter’, is a beautiful song! Is this the first time making a winter song and why did you decide to create a sad one?

You are right that ‘Sad Winter’ is our first song about winter. When the weather gets cold, anyone can recall the once warm-and-sweet memory with a past lover. So we thought that the melodies and tempo for this song shouldn’t be so playful. We wanted to craft a song out of a memory that listeners could empathize and find meaning with.


7. ‘Something Between Us’ was very bright compared to your recent songs, I enjoyed it! Can you talk about this song and how you put it together?

Something Between Us’ is about an ongoing relationship that started out as friendship. The idea came during a discussion about each others’ love stories and how emotions started building up during the relationship.


8. Do you plan to keep releasing single EPs or will you release a full album soon?

We release our songs on an almost monthly basis and will continue to do so. Though at some point we will collect some songs together, select those that gained popularity, rearrange and release them into an EP album. The schedule for that is not yet set.


© The Night of Seokyo. Mun Hwa In. 12.01.2018.


9. Do you feel that you are free to write about anything in your music or do you prefer certain concepts and ideas?

In music-making, we try our best not to be defined as pursuing a certain style or genre. We are also open to the idea of any featuring musicians who share the same thoughts: he or she could join us. However, we’d like to keep talking about the emotions of the night, in keeping with our group name.


10. What would you consider to be your greatest achievement so far?

The Night of Seokyo first began as a team of three composers. However, we have now made more songs; several featuring musicians gradually joined us and we finally formed a crew. Having a family that allows us to do something together or to share happy moments with is our greatest achievement.


11. What are your typical activities?

Each member is usually busy producing other musicians or working as a session player for other artists. We usually work during the late nights. This could be why…we match up well with our name ‘The Night of Seokyo’?


12. How has 2017 been for you? And what do you hope for ‘The Night of Seokyo’ in 2018?

2017 was the beginning year of The Night of Seokyo. We will keep making good music that you can relate to and enjoy. Thank you for all your support. We wish you a wonderful year ahead.

(Responses have been partially edited for clarity)

Thanks once again to the team at The Night of Seokyo and Reo of Mun Hwa In! Remember to check back in with the blog for our review and recommendations article to find out about the music created by  The Night of Seokyo! It’s not to be missed!

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Featured image and in-article images © The Night of Seokyo. Mun Hwa In. 12.01.2018. Images were provided by a representative of Mun Hwa In (Reo Choi) for specific use in this article. All rights reserved.

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