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This month’s interview is with a K-indie rock band called Dasutt! When we say rock in this instance, we are referring to feel-good melodic rock, not rock of the intense drum and guitar-thrashing kind. The music the members write is bright and sprightly, with the notes seemingly jumping out from the strings of the electric guitars in particular. We were soon getting into the swing and groove of the melodies and humming along in no time!

Fans of Hyukoh may also enjoy the vocal similarities from Dasutt’s music. This is especially apparent in their song ‘Same Day’. The lead vocalist of Dasutt has a velvety voice that sounds both laid back and cool. Like a lot of artists, their tracks are inspired by thoughts and things that happen in daily life. You’ll find out more as you read through the interview!

For our readers who would like to begin exploring this bands’ music, we would recommend ‘Lunchtime’ which you can stream on Spotify (we’ve also embedded a video in between the interview responses that you can play while you read!). It contains all the elements that we love about Dasutt! We also suggest that you listen to ‘Difference’, a slower song from their 2017 ‘漠 Mak’ album that has a stand-out guitar riff making its appearance during the chorus.



As always, please support our recommended bands and artists so that they may continue to make the music that we enjoy! Purchase Dasutt’s music on iTunes, Google Play or Amazon music. You can also stream on Spotify.

Thanks to the members of Dasutt for taking part in our interview!

We hope our readers enjoy it!


1. Can you introduce yourselves and your style of music?

Hello, our band name is Dasutt and our genre of music is based on rock. However, we often diverge from conventional and traditional aspects of rock that are typical of the genre and branch out into other areas.



2. How long have the members been together?

We have been together as a band for about three years.


3. What does the name of the band mean?

In the beginning, we had five members. Dasutt means five in Korean, and we kept our band name the same despite one of the members deciding to leave.


©Dasutt. 14.06.18


4. Can you remember the first time that you performed? What did it feel like?

It was quite surreal. We’ve always dreamed of performing. When we came to our senses, we were standing on the stage, playing our music to a crowd of people. We realised then that this was just the beginning.


5. We really enjoyed the EP that you released this year. What are your thoughts on it and which are your favourite songs?

Yongchul likes ‘Same day’, Kyungjun likes ‘Difference’, Minhyeon likes ‘Tell me what u need’ and Riwoo likes ‘Camel.’


6. Can you talk more about the ideas behind ‘Camel’? It is one of our favourites on the EP!

Riwoo: I usually smoke Camel branded cigarettes. While I was putting my cigarette butt out, I suddenly became mesmerised with the animal – strange I know! I immediately returned to the studio and wrote the song in 20 minutes!



7. Do you think your music suits a particular season? Is this why you released the EP during Spring?

Riwoo: We don’t think our music suits a specific season. I usually write music that stems from everyday thoughts and things that everyone would experience at least once in their lifetime. The EP was released in Spring because that was when we had our finances ready to release the album.


8. Do you have any plans to expand your sound and try something different in future tracks?

At the moment we are still trying to find our ‘sound’. We are constantly experimenting with different sounds and trying to come up with our own style and identity.


©Dasutt. 14.06.18


9. When you write music, does a guitar riff/guitar line come first? Where does the initial idea come from?

Riwoo: No, when I write music, I try to picture the whole vibe of the song (in chords) first, then Yong Chul comes up with the guitar riffs during our studio sessions. The musical inspiration comes from my daily life. Sometimes from the mundane and sometimes stimulating…


10. What advice or tips do you have for people who would like to start learning the guitar? Is it possible to self-teach or is it better to have lessons?

Riwoo: I think both works, but I personally recommend getting lessons for about 2 months before resorting to self-teaching.


11. What is the best place to play and perform?

It has to be Green Plugged Festival – it was a small stage but a lot of our fans came to see us perform. The number of people who came to see us play took us by surprise, considering we are not that well-exposed and promoted to the public.


©Dasutt. 14.06.18


12. What do you think about the future of indie rock in Korea? Are you gaining more fans due to greater recognition of bands like Hyukoh and Se So Neon? Do you mind comparisons being made between bands or do you prefer to have an individual identity?

I am not entirely sure about the future of indie rock in Korea…however, I am certain that this field of music is developing. I think we are slowly gathering fans who like the music that we are creating, although bands like Hyukoh and Se So Neon help to shine a light on the indie rock scene in Korea.


13. What other activities have you planned for Dasutt during 2018?

We are planning to release another two singles!


©Dasutt. 14.06.18


14. Finally, what are your goals for the future?

We want to keep making music and hopefully have the chance to play to a world audience by embarking on a world tour.

(Responses have been edited for clarity with permission from Dasutt)


That brings us to the end of our interview! Did you enjoy Dasutt’s music? If so, why not let them know on their social media page? See you all again next month 🙂

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Featured image and in-article images source: © Dasutt. 14.06.2018. All images were sourced from Dasutt and included in the article with permission from the band. All rights reserved. No reproduction without permission.

© Interview with Dasutt. 16.07.2018. Inspire Me Korea.

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