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This month’s interview is with new rap artist ARTLOVER! We reviewed her debut single during spring, and now we are pleased to help our readers know more about her. Read on to learn about her interesting background as a make-up artist and about the style of music she is trying to release! Thanks go to ARTLOVER for collaborating with us in this interview – we hope she does well!

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1. Can you introduce yourself to new listeners? What kind of music can we expect from you?

Hello, my name is ARTLOVER. I am a girl who loves a retro style and I want to communicate with people through my music. My music is pop-based yet still a bit experimental; like a mix of hip-hop, rock, jazz and soul genres.


2. How did you derive your stage name? Where did the idea come from?

I have always called myself ARTLOVER, because I have always been a big fan of art! And when time came to pick my artist name, I just thought that ARTLOVER felt right.


3. Who do you feel are your target audience and will enjoy your music the most?

I hope that it is for everyone! I don’t want to make assumptions about who my audience target is because I really want my music to speak to as many people as possible.


4. What was it like being a make-up artist for such well-known brands like ELLE and Vogue? Did it allow you to do quite a lot of travelling in your job? Did you have a busy schedule?

It was fun and in many ways it gave me a very creative feeling – that’s something I always enjoy. Especially when working with a magazine like Elle; you might expect them to take charge in making most of the decisions regarding direction but in fact, they are very open to suggestions and ideas. Being a make-up artist was a lot of hard work, with early mornings and lots of travel as well. For example I went to Dubai for a month to work.


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5. What are your likes and dislikes about staying in London? What place would you recommend people visit?

London offers many opportunities for young artists and I like that it’s multicultural, but sometimes I will miss my family and traditional food.

If you want meet young artists in London, I recommend visiting Shoreditch.


6. How did you transition from fashion to music and what was it about music that prompted your decision? Did you have contacts in the industry?

I started preparing my music project a few years ago so it’s been a long process. I’ve made some connections over the years that have been helpful. I have wanted to become a musician for as long as I can remember. Then I made a decision to overcome my fears and just go ahead.

I brought my experience from the make-up industry into music, especially the collaboration part of things. Both make-up for fashion and making music is all about team work. Learning to work with others has been very helpful for me in my music career.


7. Will you be pursuing music full-time now? Or will you remain involved in make-up for the fashion industry?

I am not sure what will happen in the future but my idea is to combine K-pop and K-beauty. That’s my ultimate vision. I’m currently very focused on finishing up my EP and when I can better manage my time, I will keep doing make-up work, especially for the best magazines.


8. We’ve heard of many people wanting to become singers, but not as many declaring their love for rap, even less so from females. Were you always interested in rap?

I started with singing and rapping came later. I just felt that I had a natural feel for the groove. It was a good move to start rapping. For instance, it has helped me to find an audience who can connect with my music. Partly because it’s a bit exotic and different being a girl who raps.


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9. How do you plan on standing out with your music? Is there anything you want to particularly focus on for later promotions?

From a K-pop standpoint, my music sounds very different and original, but I’m also very interested in the visual aspect of music and I believe that I have a fresh eye for it. Therefore I think that will be a very important tool for me to distinguish myself from others.


10. ‘Want U Back’ is a nice fusion of retro pop and rap elements. What involvement did you have with the composition of the single?

I wrote the chords and then the lyrics and melody with Swedish producer/writer Max Billion. Max has worked with a lot of dance artists such as Mike Perry, Cazzette and Paris Blohm so he brought a fresh perspective to the table.

(Interested in finding out more about this single? CLICK HERE to be directed to our review!)


11. What opportunities are available to you as a new artist? Is it more difficult for a solo act to gain traction early on?

It is a big challenge to gain traction but I’ve had great luck with blogs and magazines that have shown some interest in me. They are usually supportive towards new artists so if I were to give advice to someone trying to forge a new music career it would be to reach out to as many as possible.


12. Do you enjoy experimenting with your music right now, or do you have a specific style or sound in mind that you want people to associate with ARTLOVER?

We have a clear direction but we have also left a lot of room to try out different things and see what works best for me. I don’t want to limit the identity of ARTLOVER too much musically. I want my music to draw inspiration from a lot of different styles but at the same time, build it around a few trademark elements that are unique to me.


13. Who do you seek advice from? Who guides you in these early stages of your new career?

Max Billion has given me lots of advice, which is invaluable since he is a professional in the industry. And my label Trompe L’oeil Records do loads as well.


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14. How are preparations for the EP going? Have you and your management set a target number of songs to be written?

The EP is going well. We’re currently in the process of finishing it up! We just write as much as we can do what feels right.


15. Is there any song released by another artist that you wish could have been yours?

Honestly, I haven’t really thought about it but I guess that most of Sia’s songs would have been awesome to release.


16. Are there any planned collaborations or do you wish to stand out strongly as a soloist first?

There are many different collaborations that I think would be amazing. When people ask about it, I usually answer G-dragon. But until that day arrives I will focus on establishing myself as an individual artist.


17. What kinds of activities can we expect from ARTLOVER for the rest of 2018? What do you hope to achieve in the near future?

I am looking forward to the release of my EP and playing some gigs in London. I have many small goals and love to make gradual progress every day.

(Responses have been partially edited for clarity)


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