What Happened This Month: November!

Even though there’s only one month left until the end of the year, that doesn’t mean our favourite K-idols and artists are slowing down – November was filled to the brim with more comebacks from our favourite groups and soloists as well as international interactions between famous Western celebrities and Korean artists.

So incase you were a bit busy this month, here’s some event’s you might have missed in November~!


©Red Velvet, 28.11.2017,

©Red Velvet, 28.11.2017,

This month we were attacked left, right and centre by so many different group’s comebacks (not that we’re complaining!) and we adored all the music videos that came with them.

November’s comebacks included groups and artists like: Monsta X, Block B, EXID, Red Velvet, SONAMOOSamuelSeventeen, Super Junior, Jeon Soyeon, ASTRO, BTS, Pentagon, The RoseWanna One, VICTON, and KARD!

Which was your favourite comeback this month?

Choi Minho’s Interaction with First Lady Goes Viral

©Minho-pyeongchang, 28.11.2017,

©Minho-pyeongchang, 28.11.2017,

Earlier this month the First Lady, Melania Trump, attended various events in Seoul to promote the Pyeongchang 2018 Olympics. It was here Melania gave a speech for a campaign called Girls Play 2, which is designed to encourage more girls to be involved in sports and to reassure them that they have equal opportunities as boys do.

But whilst taking photos during interactions with middle schoolers, the First Lady was somewhat upstaged when some of the students realised that a K-idol was also in their midst – and that idol was none other than SHINee’s Minho!

Upon noticing that Choi Minho was standing next to them, the students became extremely excited (who wouldn’t?!) and this, in turn, caused the Melania Trump to laugh it off with Minho, who seemed to be just as surprised by the students’ reactions as the First Lady was!

For us, this was definitely the most unexpected thing that happened this month – after all, who would have thought that the First Lady being would be ‘upstaged’ by a K-Pop star?

Miss A’s Min Leaves JYP

©Miss A Min, 29.11.2017,

©Miss A Min, 29.11.2017,

Sadly this month we had to bid farewell to Miss A’s lead vocalist and main dancer Min (Lee Min Young), who decided not to renew her contract with JYP Entertainment. As a result, JPY released a statement saying that nothing has been decided about Miss A’s activities for the future.

We’re sad to see Min go, but wish her all the luck in the world for her future endeavours – whether it be a solo music career, stage-plays or acting, we know Min will return to us in some way!

YG Entertainment to Debut New Girl Group in 2018

©YG, 1.12.2017.

©YG, 1.12.2017.

On the 24th of this month, news outlets reported that YG is producing a new girl group,  choosing the members from 50 trainees. YG responded to these reports saying; ‘I am expecting to launch a new girl group in 2018. Yang Hyun-seok (a producer) is proceeding in secret, so I do not know detailed schedules or concepts.’

Although we’re excited for a new girl group, we still hope that YG doesn’t forget some of the other artists under his company, such as BLACKPINK, IKON, WINNER and ONE.

Still, we anticipate this new group and any others that are coming our way in 2018 – as well as new content from our favourite YG artists and groups~!

K-Idols Create a Storm with AMA Performance

©BTS AMA's, 1.12.2017.

©BTS AMA’s, 1.12.2017.

Lastly, one of the many exciting things that happened this month was BTS performing at the American Music Awards (AMA’s) – this not only made many Korean idols and artists proud, but the group’s stunning performance of their chart topping song DNA also excited many Western celebrities including Desiigner (who’s a VERY big BTS fan), Ansel Elgort and many more.

While in the U.S. BTS also performed on many popular TV shows, such as Ellen, The Late Late Show with James Corden and Jimmy Kimmel – which was extremely exciting and interesting to see!

Another K-idol who stirred up peoples interests this month was none other than GOT7’s Jackson, who trended worldwide as ‘the hot Asian guy next to Liam Payne‘ after his appearance next to former One Direction member at the 2017 MTV EMA’s. Despite only being on screen next to Payne for a few moments, non-Kpop fans flooded twitter asking who Jackson was, to which many iGOT7’s helpfully answered.

This month had a lot going on and we can’t wait to see what next month, the final month of 2017, has in store for us~!

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Feature Image Source: ©피카부, 1.12.2017.

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