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What’s Going On This Month? September 2018

Autumn is here and the humid heat of Summer is starting to fade away. With the changes that each new season brings, Korea shows a new side of its natural beauty – the vivid vibrancy of the red and gold leaves set against a backdrop of the clear blue skies! A truly marvelous sight to behold! What better way to take advantage of this natural beauty and the mild weather than to spend some time at some of Korea’s events and festivals?

Muju Firefly Festival

© Muju Firefly Festival, VisitKorea, 07.07.2018,

Dates: 1st – 9th of September.

Location: Muju-gun.

Admission: N/A.

Every year many people gather in Muju, one of Korea’s natural habitats for fireflies, and the marsh snails which they feed upon. The festival lasts nine days and has much more to offer than just firefly gazing at night. It features activities for people of all ages including play experiences, cultural performances, sky lanterns, and so much more! The Ministries of Culture, Sports, and Tourism have appointed this the number one festival of 2018 in Korea! This is a must-see for anyone visiting Korea at this time of year!

For more information about this festival, please visit the Official Muju Firefly Festival Website.

HongSeong Hero Festival

© HongSeong Hero Festival, HeroFestival Co., 07.07.2018,

Dates: 14th – 16th of September.

Location: The area of Hongjuseong Fortress, Hongseong-gun, Chungcheongnam-do.

Admission: N/A.

HongSeong, the provincial capital of Chungcheongnam-do, was once known as “Hongjumok,” and ruled over 16 different countries! Of the many great historical figures, or heroes in Korean history, quite a few of them come from this area, and as such, this festival was created to help people learn a little bit about them in a fun and exciting way! The historic heroes include General Choi Yeong, Scholar Seong Sam-Mun, Resistance Fighter Han Yong-Un, General Kim Jwa-Jin, and Korean Folk Dancer Han Seong-Jun, just to name a few. The festival includes many different hands-on activities that will allow visitors to dress up and learn more about Korean culture and history, special cultural performances honouring the heroes, a song festival aimed at teenagers, and so much more!

For more information about this festival, please visit the Official Hero Festival Website.

Korea Japan Festival

© Korea Japan Festival, VisitKorea, 07.07.2018,

Dates: The 9th of September.

Location: Coex D Hall (3F).

Admission: Free with on-site booking upon arrival.

Created to celebrate the friendship that Korea and Japan now share, the Korea Japan Festival is a one-day event held annually since October 2015. The festival will focus on cultural exchange and special performances showcasing the difference and similarities in Japanese and Korean cultures. A fantastic way to foster and encourage friendship between two nations with a murky history. And of course a lot of fun as well!

Paju Booksori Festival

© Paju Booksori Festival, VistitKorea, 07.07.2018,

Dates: 14th – 16th of September.

Location: Areas of Paju Book City.

Admission: Varies by program.

Paju Book City is Korea’s leading publishing and cultural hub. Established in 2011 with a bookstore-lined street, Paju Book City has grown from merely being a place of publication to a place where books and book culture can be truly enjoyed! A total of 42 bookstores opened in the city’s first year, and in 2012 it joined the International Organization of Booktowns (IOB), an organization consisting of 16 towns in 13 different countries. In the Autumn of 2011, the Paju Book Festival was born; the largest book festival in all of Asia! Attendees will get to experience the opening ceremony, themed exhibitions, the Paju Book Award, recitations, a book & cook talk party, the book exposition and food zone, an open house of over 50 companies and more! So if you are a lover of books and reading, this is the place to be!

Jangsu Hanurang Sagwarang Festival

© Jangsu Hanurang Sagwarang Festival, VisitKorea, 07.07.2018,

Dates: 14th – 16th of Korea.

Location: Uiam Park and Jangsu-gun, Jeollabuk-do Province.

Admission: Free.

Created to celebrate the spirit of Uiam Joo (“Red”) Nongae’s Spirit, who gave her life to kill the Japanese General who had captured her city. Along with the colour of this legendary figure being red, the local agricultural products and specialities are also coloured red! So the theme of this festival is, you guessed it, red! Some of the local specialities include Korean beef and apples, both of which may be sampled as part of the festival’s food! The festival centres around the urban and rural exchange and has many fun and exciting things to see and do! It also provides a great way for locals to celebrate all their hard work and the harvest of the fruits of their labour!

Wonju Dynamic Dancing Carnival

© Wonju Dynamic Dancing Carnival, VisitKorea, 07.07.2018,

Dates: 11th – 16th of September.

Location: Tattoo Theater, Youth Square, Wonil-ro Street, Culture Street, etc..

Admission: Varies based on program.

Bringing people of all ages together to celebrate dance! The main feature of this festival is the Street Parade, the longest of its kind in Korea! Featuring exciting folk dancers, military marching bands from across the globe, and the local citizens’ performances as well.  For those attending, there is so much to see and do, whether it be the green safe playground, the Military experience booths, the festival forum, the child safety performances, the Fringe performances, the Regional and World food trucks, or the dynamic free market. Whatever your age or dance interest, there is something here for you!

For more information on any of these festivals, and for all of the other great festivals and events taking place this month, please head on over to the VisitKorea Website!

Thank you for reading! Did you enjoy our post? Interested in any of these events? Think we missed any that should be here? Let us know! You can find us on all of our Social Media~




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Featured Image Source: © Towards the Garden Gyeongbok Palace, 1256872, USAGI_POST, Pixabay, 07.07.2018,

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