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What’s Going On This Month: November

Of all the year’s many months, November is known as one of the best times to visit Korea! The summer rains have passed and the bitter winter snows have yet to arrive, leaving beautiful clear skies and pristine landscapes to be enjoyed! Aside from all that wonderfulness, late autumn also means harvest season…which means fresh food! This is perhaps the best time to visit Korea for any food lover! You can enjoy freshly harvested Korean rice, sweet potatoes, giant apples, persimmons, pomegranates, sweet corn, pumpkins, and so much more! Some visitors have mentioned they return to Korea every November just because of the food! As one might expect this time brings with it many exciting experiences that locals and visitors alike can take advantage of, let’s take a look, shall we? ^-^

Seoul International Music Festival (SIMF)

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Dates: 24th of April – 11th of November.

Location: Seoul Arts Center, Lotte Concert Hall, etc.

Admission: Varies by performance.

SIMF brings together classical musicians from all over the world to perform and share their gifts with the world. The performances are as diverse and varied as classical music itself, meaning even if you haven’t been the biggest fan previously, chances are, there is something here you will like. SIMF donates 5% of profits to low-income Korean citizens as well as allowing them to attend for free so that they can experience the joys of live classical music. How great is that? Although it started in April, it is just now coming to a close, so make sure to get your tickets before it does, or you’ll have to wait for the next one!

Geoje Island Flower Festival

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Dates: 27th of October – 4th of November.

Location: Geoje-si Agriculture Development Complex.

Admission: 3,000 Won or 2,000 Won for Children and Teenagers.

Celebrating the incredible beauty of Korea’s flowers in the gorgeous surroundings of the famous Geoje Island. During the festival, you can stroll through the ocean of flowers, or try and find your way out of the sunflower maze. Perhaps visit healing herb island, marvel at the autumn flower sculptures and themed flower hills, then if you are brave enough, you can take a look at the insect exhibition. It’s not all flowers though, there are of course many cultural and musical performances to enjoy. Hands-on activities include quilt making and other crafts, folk games, and for those who like to live on the edge of reckless abandon, the insect experience. (Just don’t expect to see us at this booth!) So, will we see you on the island this year?


Seoul Lantern Festival

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Dates: 2nd – 18th of November.

Location: Cheonggyecheon Plaza to Supyogyo Bridge.

Admission: Free.

Established in 2009 and the Seoul Lantern Festival celebrates not only the beauty but also the history and culture of Korean lanterns. As one of the top representative festivals in Seoul, you can expect many visitors to flock to the performances. The parades happen nightly from 5 – 11 pm and are definitely something you won’t want to miss! There are many different themes as well so repeat trips to the festival may be required to see everything! The themes this year include, ‘Start of a New Dream,’ ‘Seoul, Dreaming of Future,’ ‘Seoul, Sparkling with Memories,’ and ‘Seoul, Flowing with Tradition.’ Will you be in the crowd too?

Paju Jangdan Soybean Festival

Dates: 23rd – 25th of November.

Location: Areas of Imjingak Plaza & Pyeonghwa Nuri.

Admission: Free (You may wish to bring money for spending, however!)

The Soybean is an integral part of Korean cuisine, and the Paju Jangdan Soybean is among the best Korea has to offer! When Bean harvest season comes around, this festival is held to help promote the excellence of the local product, to boost the local economy, and of course to encourage the consumption of local agricultural products, but what does this boil down to in layman’s terms? Food! Or perhaps, more importantly, its consumption! Visitors to this festival will have the opportunity to get their hands on some traditional soybean dishes, as well as the chance to dine on multitudes of local cuisine! There are even competitions for cooking with soybean and for the best soybean song! If you love Korean culture and are crazy about Korean cuisine, you won’t want to miss out on this!

For more information regarding any of these events, and for a full list of everything happening, please check out the VisitKorea website!

Interested in any of these events? Been to any of these before? Planning a trip to Korea and want help knowing what to add to your itinerary? Want to chat about travelling in Korea? Let us know!

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