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What’s Going On This Month: July 2018

The height of Summer has arrived in Korea and we are certainly feeling the heat! As usual, there is so much to do and see in Korea all the time, and fortunately for any tourists battling the heat and humidity, there are even a few special events designed to help you cool off! Let’s have a look, shall we?^-^

Buyeo Seodong Lotus Festival

© Buyeo Seodong Lotus Festival, VisitKorea, 07.05.2018,

Dates: 6th – 15th of July.

Location: Area of Seodong Park (Gungnamji).

Admission: Free! (Some fees may apply for hands-on activities).

The Buyeo Seodong Lotus festival is a celebration of the natural beauty of the lotus flower! It aims to highlight the importance of preserving wildflowers so their beauty will always remain. The festival does center around the stunning lotus flowers, but flower gazing obviously isn’t for everyone, so there are plenty of performances and activities to take advantage of! Want to try making your own lotus hand soap, or learn how to fold a paper lotus? Interested in making your own lotus themed jewelry? Try your hand at sketching a lotus blossom & learning Korean calligraphy? Or perhaps making a wooden ocarina or ceramic doll? If the hands-on activities weren’t already enough, they have plenty of spectacular traditional and modern performances as well! This festival offers something for people of all ages to enjoy while surrounded by the incredible natural beauty of the lotus blossoms!


Boryeong Mud Festival

© Boryeong Mud Festival, VisitKorea, 07.05.2018,

Date: 13th-22nd of July.

Location: Daecheon Beach area (Mud square).

Admission: Fees range between 7,000 and 10,000 won for a day pass.

The Boryeong Mud Festival is probably the most famous of all Korea’s many festivals, especially with international visitors! People of all ages come from all over the world to enjoy the beneficial qualities of the mud, listen to music, swim, and have an all-around blast playing and cooling off in the mud! Activities include mud wrestling, mud sliding, giant mud bath, mud massages, mud games, and even mud-marine obstacle course for the more adventurous festival goers. There is even a mud kid’s land for the younger visitors of the festival. When night falls there are special performances to be enjoyed in the pleasant coastal air. Performances such as the opening and closing ceremonies, mud mob scene, World mud beauty festival, local music concert, hip-hop rave party, and an EDM festival! Will we see you in the mud this year?


Pohang International Fireworks Festival

© Pohang International Fireworks Festival, VisitKorea, 07.05.2018,

Date: 25th-29th of July

Location: Yeongildae Beach areas

Admission: N/A

Pohang, the ‘City of Lights and Fire’ comes alive with fireworks and music somewhere near the end of July every year. The festival is held on Yeongildae Beach. where you will have spectacular views of the fireworks shows! It’s not all fireworks though, there are plenty of things to do! You can test your skill at goldfish fishing, or try some sand sledding! Watch the firework parade or the international firework competition, and listen to all the street performances. The climax of the event is the International Firework Show which runs from 8pm – 10pm on the 28th of July!


Jeongnamjin Jangheung Water Festival

© Jeongnamjin Jangheung Water Festival, VisitKorea, 07.05.2018,

Date: 27th of July – 2nd of August.

Location: Jangheung Tamjingang River and Pyeonbaek Forest Woodland

Admission: N/A

Summer in Korea’s subtropical climate can be quite hard to bear, especially if you aren’t used to it, so what better way to beat the heat than the Jeongnamjin Jangheung Water Festival. The festival opens with the release of the minnows, opening remarks and then the laser & fireworks show, after which begins a wealth of different games and activities in the water. The first of which is an enormous water fight! There is bare hand fishing, medicinal herb pool, exhibitions, contests, hands-on events, special programs for locals and foreigners. In the spirit of fostering relationships and togetherness, the event managers have organized a special friendship exchange program for foreigners and city residents! How cool is that! ^-^

Daegu Chimac Festival

© Daegu Chimak Festival, VisitKorea, 07.05.2018,

Date: 18th – 22nd of July.

Location: Areas of Duryu Park in Daegu.

Admission: Free! (Costs apply for chicken, beer, and other food & drink).

Daegu may be famous for being the birthplace of BTS’ Min Yoongi (Suga) but now this South Korean city is also making a name for itself as the home of one of the nations fastest growing and most popular festivals. The Daegu Chimac Festival celebrates a magical combination that is very special to the Korean people, especially the younger generation. Chicken and Maekju (beer) or Chimac is considered one of the ultimate culinary combinations, and we would have a hard time disagreeing. The festival boasts not only scrumptious food and drink to be enjoyed, but also musical performances and exhibitions and activities related to chicken and beer. The event is open to people of all ages, but obviously, the sale of alcohol is limited to adults only, and there will be plenty of officials and police on hand to make sure these rules are enforced. ^-^

There are so many things happening this month and we’ve barely scratched the surface, so if you wish for more information on these events and many more, please visit the official Visitkorea website!

Planning on visiting Korea? Want to go to any of these events? Been to any of them before? Have any questions for us? Please let us know!

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Featured Image Source: © Sunset at Buyeo Seodong Lotus Festival, VisitKorea, 07.05.2018,

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