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What’s Going On This Month: December 2017

December is already here, and another year is about to come to a close. Winter in Korea brings with it many new and exciting experiences you can only find at this particular time of year. Even though 2017 is almost over, there is still so much to see and enjoy before we move into the new year. Whether you celebrate the holiday season or not, you cannot deny that special feeling that starts to fill the air at this time of year!

For those of you who find yourselves in Korea for the festive season, there are so many options for things to experience and see! Here are some of the events we are most excited about!


~Korea Christmas Fair~

© Korea Christmas Fair, KINTEX EXPORUM, 27.09.2017,

© Korea Christmas Fair, KINTEX EXPORUM, 27.09.2017,

Dates: Friday the 8th to Sunday the 10th &/or Friday the 15th to Sunday the 17th.

Location: KINTEX, Ilsan.

Admission: ₩3,000 or free if you pre-register!

Although Christmas as a celebration is more of a Western tradition, Korea is starting to embrace it as well. A time for families and couples to come together and celebrate. Evidence of this can be seen in the Korea Christmas Fair, an exciting event celebrating all things Christmas. From food and music to decor and homeware, it’s Christmas all around! There are many events taking place during this fair, such as a Baby and Kids Fair for families with children, and the Merry Nyam-Nyam Dessert Exhibition, with a dessert flea market, food trucks, and busking! There is even a sale event where you can shop for all the great discounts! If you love Christmas, then this is the place for you to be!

For further information on this event, please visit the Korea Christmas Fair website.


~Pyeongchang Trout Festival~

© Pyeongchang Trout Festival, VisitKorea, 27.09.2017,

© Pyeongchang Trout Festival, VisitKorea, 27.09.2017,

Dates: December 31st to February 12th.

Location: Odaecheon Stream area.

Admission: Ice-fishing ₩13,000 / Barehand fishing ₩15,000 / Amusement facilities ₩6,000.

In the town of Jinbu-Myeong in Pyeongchang-Gun district, the Pyeongchang Trout Festival takes place every year. Known as a family-oriented festival with plenty of programs and activities, there’s something that everyone can enjoy. With traditional folk games, ice and lure fishing, sledding and top spinning, riding four-wheel ATVs, snow rafting, sleigh trains, ice skating, bobsleigh riding, winter game experiences, and for the really adventurous, bare-handed fishing in freezing icy water. Any trout you catch can be prepared immediately by chefs at a close by restaurant.  Everything you would need to enjoy this festival can be rented on site. For safety reasons, only a certain amount of people will be allowed on the ice at a time. If you miss out on the ice fishing because of this, you can still enjoy all of the other activities though!


~Seoul Design Festival~

© Seoul Design Festival, Visit Korea, 28.09.2017,

© Seoul Design Festival, Visit Korea, 28.09.2017,

Dates: December 7th to December 11th.

Location: COEX Hall B

Admission: ₩10,000

The Seoul Design Festival shines a spotlight on some of Korea’s brightest and most unique designers. Giving them a space to exhibit their designs and creations, and the chance to win awards as well. The designers, themselves, are there to explain their work to you. Exhibits will feature everything from furniture and art decor to robotics and technology. The visitor will get to experience the latest in Korea’s new generation of design and innovation. The event will also include a design seminar and an awards ceremony.

Korea is such an exciting and vibrant place, there is always something happening that visitors can enjoy! For further information on the events we mentioned, and to find even more awesome events, head to the Visit Korea Website.

Featured Image Source: © Pyeongchang Trout Festival, Visit Korea, 28.09.2017,


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