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Nam Taehyun, former member of WINNER, prepares for European tour with his band South Club

Many of you may recognise Nam Taehyun (남태현) as the former member of YG Entertainment’s K-Pop group, WINNER.

After debuting in 2017 with their successful EP “90”, South Club, his new band founded under the label ‘South Buyers Club’ by Taehyun himself, are without doubt redefining Korean indie music with their sentimental lyrics and rock melodies. And great news: South Club will be embarking on a European tour in April 2018 of London, Madrid, Paris and Cologne and we can’t wait!

Don’t miss out and grab your tickets! Members Won Young, Kun Ku, Eui Myung and Taehyun will perform fan favourites including tracks such as Hug Me, LIAR, I got the Blues, 아니 (No), 누굴 위한 노래인가요 (Who Is This Song For?), as well as hosting a very special Q&A session for a limited number of fans (watch this space).

Nam Taehyun has come a long way from his days with WINNER, so here is a snapshot of his journey from K-Pop sensation to indie rock star.

Empty (2014)

Nam Taehyun was already showing off his musical prowess, composing three songs from WINNER’s first album 2014 S/S. The album swept the top spot on the Billboard’s World Album chart and this chilled, hip-hop ballad, Empty, became an instant hit topping the Gaon Chart Billboards!


Prickled (2016)

After the group went on hiatus, Taehyun was back with this beautifully, stripped-back, acoustic duet between himself and Mino. Although WINNER’s Prickled wasn’t promoted, it reached number 1 on iTunes in nine countries and was an incredibly popular precursor to the group’s official studio comeback.


Sentimental (2016)

Little things pack a big punch and WINNER’s mini album Exit : E is no exception. This mighty five-track album included Taehyun’s emotionally moving solo song, I’m Young, as well as lead singles Sentimental and Baby which topped eight music charts in Korea. Who can’t help but love this laid-back, colourful, catchy number?


Hug Me (2017)

Taehyun left WINNER, hearts were broken, but it’s clear from songs like Hug Me that Taehyun has not lost his sentimental side in South Club. Surging with emotion, the pre-release to their EP “90” is a tender rock ballad with plenty of lyrical clout. Prepare for ㅜㅜ


Liar (2017)

Liar, the official release from South Club’s EP “90″ has a distinctive influence of Britpop and Nirvana that perfectly captures Taehyun’s transition. Raw, energetic and emotive, it’s clear that Taehyun has been brave enough to embark on his own path and perhaps change the face of Korean indie music as we know it.

If you’re looking to see South Club, make sure not to miss them on their European tour. To find out more information visit the Beatcraze website.

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  • Irene
    5 months ago

    Im so glad hes doing this. Must have been tough after leaving WINNER and I really love them. Wish him all the best 🙂

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