Our all new website and launch video has been revealed today! Subscriptions started from 11am and the first 25 subscribers won a free second box! All winners have been notified by email.

This evening we hosted a launch party at The Slum near Southfields station, with gifts to win, Korean buffet and games! We had a fantastic turnout at the launch party. Thank you to everyone who attended to celebrate the start of a new Korean Wave!

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Check out all of the photos from our event at our Facebook album.

Special thanks and photo credits to Maddy Isac.



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  • Phrase of the day!
'Can I try this on?' '한 번 입어봐도 되나요?' 'Han beon ib-eo-bwa-do doi-na-yo?'
  • How many side dishes are there in Korea..? 😁 You may agree that side dishes are an essential part of a Korean meal.. What is your favourite? Can you cook some of them?
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  • Phrase of the day!
'I am allergic to ~'
'~ 에 알러지가 있어요'
'~-e allergy-ga ee-sseo-yo'
  • Imagine a shopping center under your feet. 
The underground shopping centers in Korea allows you to enjoy shopping without being restricted by the weather. Many of them are connected to the underground which makes your shopping more convenient!!🛍️🚇