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Seoul, capital city of South Korea, complete with world-class accommodations, restaurants and services, remains the top convention destination in Asia. Business visitors will be delighted to experience a beautiful blend of Korean history, culture, and modern landscape whilst enjoying Seoul’s strong meeting infrastructure. The city regularly hosts diverse events, high-level meetings such as the G20 Summit and large-scale conventions like the Rotary International Convention which had over 46,000 delegates. Seoul also has eye-catching unique venues, offers enjoyable teambuilding activities, and facilitates incentive tours.


  • 2016 World’s Top 3 Convention City – Seoul ranks #3 in the latest global meeting statistics released by the Union of International Associations, with a 4.97% increase from the previous year. It has also achieved the #1 spot in ICCA’s Meeting Participants for Asia-Pacific Region.
  • Seoul Special City – Seoul is a unique city full of character. Throughout its 2,000-year history, it has been a thriving center of the peninsula’s traditions and culture and attracts many int’l visitors every year. Now a global megacity, Seoul is a place where Korea’s rich cultural and historical heritages blend seamlessly with the rapid developments of 21st Century life.
  • PLUS Seoul – Plus Seoul is a newly launched brand of event support, designed for the successful hosting of events in the city. The multi-faceted support package is available for both event organizers and participants. Benefits being offered are from 23 Seoul MICE Alliance members such as hotels, travel agencies, logistics companies, and much more.



  • COEX – Covering a total area of 36,363㎡, with 4 floors above ground and 4 floors underground, COEX consists of 12 professional exhibitions halls, a convention hall for 7,000 people, and 61 meeting rooms. The main facilities are the exhibition room with 520 booths, where diverse events are held and the convention center conference room. The convention hall is located on the third floor of the convention center, in which summits, banquets, seminars, symposiums, and various exhibitions are held. The space can be divided into 5 areas depending on the use. ASEM Hall, located on the second floor of the convention center, is available for summits, national governmental official meetings, and small international conferences, and is equipped with facilities for the simultaneous interpretation of 16 languages, round conference tables with 40 seats, and a separate lounge. The auditorium, also located on the third floor, serves all the purposes of a convention hall and can also be used for movies, concerts, and awards ceremonies, etc. It is a theater-style conference room with 1,048 seats. Auditorium conference rooms are provided separately on the third and fourth floors.
  • aT Center – International exhibitions, conferences, and trading businesses can be staged all together at the aT Center, which also cater for other types of exhibitions, conferences, seminars, banquets, events, and performances. Each meeting room and hall has a simultaneous interpretation system, A/V systems, refrigerators, etc.

©aT Center,

  • DDP (Dongdaemun Design Plaza)- Among the events held here were: Seoul Fashion Week, Seoul Design Week, Seoul Digital Forum, Esprit Dior – Dior Spirit, 2015 Eclay World City Climate Environment Conference, Jean Paul Gaultier Exhibition, Andy Warhol Live ANDY WARHOL LIVE, Alessandro Mendini Exhibition.


  • A Walk Through History – Seoul City’s walking tours offer insight into the capital’s heritage, rich in culture and history.

©Changgyeonggung Palace,

  • Experience the Palatial Beauty – Changdeok Palace, a designated World Heritage site by UNESCO, is said to be the most traditional and authentic of Seoul’s five palaces. It has been praised for its architectural sensitivity to its natural surroundings and lauded as a representative masterpiece of East Asian Palace Architecture.

©Changdeok Palace,

  • ‘The Royal Guard’ – Since 1996, the Royal Guard-Changing Ceremony at Deoksugung Palace has taken place three times a day and foreign tourists can take part by becoming a royal guard to feel and experience Korean tradition first hand.

©Royal Guard-Changing Ceremony at Deoksugung Palace,

–Organization of Royal Guards–

  1. Sumunjang: A military officer and the head of the Royal Guards Office is responsible for overseeing the royal guard contingents
  2. Chamha: A vice commander responsible for supervising the guards changing ceremony
  3.  Sumungun: A soldier in charge of guarding the royal palace gates
  4. Seungjeongwon juseo: A civil official overseeing the royal guards changing ceremony
  5. Sekjeongseo sayak: A eunuch who hands over the box containing the key to the royal guards and supervises the changing ceremony
  6. Chwiracheok: performs music during the changing ceremony and royal guard parade
  7.  Eomgosu: Drummer who introduces the royal guards changing ceremony protocol


  • Mind Blowing City View – Rising from the summit of Namsan Mountain (262m) is a breathtaking city landmark: The N Seoul Tower (236m). Its surroundings including Namsan Park and the nearby Namsangol Hanok Village have become favourite attractions for both local and international visitors because of the romantic ambience and stunning city view.

©N Seoul Tower,

  • Break Within City – Seoul offers a very different landscape when traversed on bike, giving riders a more intimate look at the Han River and the green areas of Seoul. The paths provide a chance to glimpse into the lives of the average Seoul citizen.

©Nanji Hangang Park,

  1. Hongjecheon-gil Road to Mount Bukhansan
    Of all the roads connecting Hangang River to downtown Seoul, the most beautiful is Hongjecheon-gil Road. As you pedal into town, Mount Bukhansan majestically rises from the horizon. Along the way you’ll pass many mountain peaks (such as Hyeongjebong Peak) and quaint houses scattered along the foothills. A pleasant ride with lots to see, this course gives you a nice balance of mountain scenery and local life.
  2. Gangbyeonbungno-gil Road through Seoul Forest
    A ride along Gangbyeonbungno-gil Road (the road along the northern banks of the Hangang River) will introduce you to the inner parts of old Seoul. This route is particularly suited for those hoping to get a feel for the city of Seoul as it was before major developments and modernization.
  3. Yeouido – Olympicdaero-gil Road – Top bicycle trail
    Yeouido is considered the Mecca for bicycle riding in Seoul. The road from Yeouido along the Olympic Road (southern banks of the Hangang River) is always bustling with people and the course from Yeouido past Gangnam to Amsa-dong (25km) is frequented by bicycle riders, marathon runners, and inline skaters, particularly at the weekends. Since these courses are flat and well-paved, they are a good option for beginner bike riders as well.
  4. Yangjecheon-gil Road – Affluent Gangnam area
    The road from Jamsil along Yangjecheon Stream goes through Gangnam in Seoul, passing by the Seoul Sports Complex (Jamsil) and high-rise apartments, and stretching all the way to the Yangjae Citizens’ Park. Though more of a city route than others, the road is well-paved, making for a smooth ride.
  5. Jungnangcheon-gil Road full of charms
    The Jungnangcheon-gil Road runs through the Gangbuk area of Seoul. Unlike Hongjecheon and Yangjecheon streams, the Jungnangcheon Stream is wide, so riding along it feels like riding along a tributary of the Hangang River. Going up along the Jungnangcheon-gil Road, you’ll be able to get a sense of how the Gangbuk area changed over time.


  • Shopper’s Paradise – More and more giant “one-stop, cultural complexes” are springing up across Seoul. These huge centers are typically connected to major transport hubs which save customers’ time by combining a department store, supermarket, bookstore, restaurant and a movie theater.

    ©D-Cube City,

  1. Yeongdeungpo Station, TIMES SQUARE
  2. Yongsan Station, I’PARKmall
  3. Express Bus Terminal Station, Central City
  4. Sindorim Station, D-Cube City
  5. Gimpo Airport Station, Lotte Mall


  • Seoul Night Tour – The single-level bus that starts in Gwanghwamun, takes visitors to the bridges around Hangang River, N Seoul Tower, and other night attractions of the city. The tour takes about 1.5 hours and although it’s an abbreviated tour, it passes by some of the major night attractions of Seoul.

©Banpo Bridge Moonlight Rainbow Fountain,

  1. After stopping at N Seoul Tower for a 10 minute break to view the night scenery, the bus makes another stop at Namdaemun Market. One of the largest wholesale markets in Korea, Namdaemun is very popular among international travelers for clothes, fashion items, and foods, all reasonable at prices. Afterwards, the bus makes its last stop at Cheonggye Plaza in Jongno, right in the heart of Seoul.
  2. Double-decker Bus Tour
    The double-decker bus runs along the major bridges on the Hangang River and the beautiful fountain of Banpo Bridge. The highlight of this one hour-long, non-stop tour is the Moonlight Rainbow Fountain of Banpo Bridge. Water shoots from both sides of the bridge in various rainbow colors synchronized to music. Afterwards, the bus passes Namsan Library and Namdaemun Market before arriving in Cheonggye Plaza. Although an abbreviated tour, it passes by some of the major night attractions of Seoul.


  • Entertainment Frenzy – Gangnam literally means south of the river, and Gangbuk- north of the river. Gangnam refers to the district of Gangnam-gu, that trades in business, beauty, and education and is home to some of the city’s wealthiest. Gangbuk, harder to encapsulate, refers less to the actual district of Gangbuk-gu than to a broad swathe north of the Han River, comprised of multiple artsy districts with distinctive and colorful characteristics.


Featured Image Source: ©Beautiful City at Night-Seoul,South Korea,

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