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Biggest Performing Arts Festival in Korea!

Ansan Street Arts Festival is one of the biggest performing arts festival in Korea, hosted and organised by Ansan City and Ansan Cultural Foundation at Ansan Cultural Square. You’re in for a treat this year if you can make it! It is the 14th anniversary of this festival, Ansan International Street Arts Festival will be presenting various performances from street theatre to music and dance! This includes performances by famous street art performers from all over the world, as well as public participants, by making the public square of Ansan the main scene for international street art. What’s more, the admission is free!

This year, almost 70 performances will take place at Ansan Cultural Square, especially ‘Heliosphere’ by the British team ‘Dream Engine’, ‘Gauguin’s Turtle’ by the French team ‘Luc Amoros’, ‘CEOGOS’ by the Brazilian team ‘Desvio Coletivo’, ‘People’s Tower’ by French team ‘Olivier Grossetete’.

1st to 3rd May are pre-programmes around Ansan city, giving you an opportunity to see the performances in advance, whilst 5th to 7th May is the official festival.

Don’t miss it, mark it on your calendars now!



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