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Blood type personality test!

If you’ve ever found yourself in Korea, you may find yourself being asked a rather odd question, what is your blood type? Although this might seem weird to us westerners, it’s actually really common in Korea. Similar to horoscopes and the zodiac, some people believe that when you were born affects your personality, in Korea some people believe that your blood type affects your personality. Unlike horoscopes however, they are a constant.

What’s your blood type? Does it link up with the Korean stereotype?

Blood Type A

Blood Type A, also known as the farmers, are often extremely introverted, preferring their own company than that of others, but to those that get past their shyness can find a person who’s incredibly patient, highly creative and loyal to a fault. That said, they can also be obsessively particular about quality, stubborn, and can often be found staring off into space.

Idols with this blood type- Jay Park, CL, Rap Monster, IU, Mino, Seoulhyun, and Narsha.

Blood Type B

Blood Type B, also known as the hunters, are often extroverted and optimistic. They are said to be individualistic, flexible , funny, and while they are clearly intelligent, they can be incredibly forgetful, irresponsible and hard to satisfy. They can often be found flitting from one thing to the next, discontent with a regular fixed routine.

Idols with this blood type – TOP, Xiumin, Hyorin, Amber, Siwon, Gain, Fei, and Goo Hara

Blood Type AB

Blood Type AB, also known as humanists, are often the most rational of people. Ruled by their heads and not their hearts, they tend to be really good with money, calm under pressure, and authoritative. On the other hand, they can be cold and distant, unpredictable, unforgiving, and untrustworthy. They can often be found running a business.

Idols with this blood type – Hyoyeon, Taecyeon, Luna, HyunA, BoA, Junhyung,JYP, and Woohee

Blood Type O

Blood Type O, also known as the warriors, are natural leaders and generally also naturally talented athletes. They are often extremely loud, passionate, and bold. That said, they are said to often take things too far, being aggressive, arrogant and ruthless. They can often be found leading sports teams.

Idols with this blood type – Jackson, Uee, Bobby, L, Minzy, Nichkhun, Zico, and Ailee



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