Winter Bucket List Quiz

Which Korean-Winter Activity Should You Put On Your Bucket List?

©December Quiz

1. Visit a jjimjilbang and traditional tea house.

2. Go Christmas shopping in Hongdae.

3. Go shopping in Namdaemun’s markets.

4. Take the Snow Flower Train to Taebaeksan and hike up Taebaek Mountain.

5. Take the Snow Flower Train and visit the Snow Festival and Nambu Village.

6. Experience a sunrise at the East Sea.


©Featured image source: Korean snow village, 10-12-18,



Claudia Deborah (이보라)

Local book dealer by day - goblin writer by night. 제 생명은 조금 심심하고 단순하지만 제 인생은 한 번이에요. 그래서 저는 단순한 일상에 감사함을 느껴요.



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