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So it’s Chuseok and all your local friends are off to see their family for the holidays, most of the shops are closed or maybe you booked a holiday to Korea, not realising it fell on Chuseok. So what to do when your city is nearly deserted and travelling within Korea is not a good idea? You might not know this, but there are actually places you can go to and enjoy Chuseok as well! Here are some cities in Korea and the different places you can visit during Chuseok!

S E O U L 서 울 특 별 시  


Gyeongbokgung and Deoksugung (along with the other palaces located in Seoul) is actually brimming with activities for Chuseok! The two palaces have the most activites lined up ever year. At Gyeongbukgung, a Bukchon Lion Play and tight rope walking is held. Did you know, the Bukchon Lion Play was believed to shoo away evil spirits! Deoksugung on the other hand will have a musical festival and dances! Some of which are Bongsan Mask Dance, Gangryeong Mask Dance and Pyeongtaek Farm Music.


The Seoul Museum of History invites professional traditional dancers and musicians to perform all day long throughout the Chuseok holiday. What’s more – the admission is free!


The National Folk Museum, located right next to Gyeongbukgung probably has the most activities set up for Chuseok. So if you’re keen on learning first hand about Korean culture, head to the Folk Museum where you can learn a variety of traditional crafts like Hanji (Korean traditional paper), making ink stones, fans and handkerchief. There is a materials fee for less than 10,000won but that is pretty cheap, isn’t it? Playing traditional games though, is completely free!

Foreigners can also try out Hanbok clothing while learning how to tie a traditional Korean bow properly. And if you start feeling peckish, it’s good to know that they offer samples of songpyeon (Korean rice cake for Chuseok).F HISTORY


Want to while away the time shopping and browsing? These malls are all open for business (some individual shops may close) so you don’t have to worry about not having anywhere to shop.


Surprisingly, these two well-known amusement parks are open during Chuseok! Aside from the usual rides, the parks will have folk festivals taking place. People of all ages can enjoy an assortment of traditional folk games and board games. Sometimes these amusement parks offer special discounts for foreigners so check their websites!

HONGDAE Seoul is definitely one of the cities that never sleeps, even during Chuseok! So don’t fret because Hongdae will be just as alive, jovial and fun from day til night. You can find your local musicians and club DJs still blasting the beats in the streets and although some of your favourite restaurants might be closed, maybe this is a chance for you to explore the Hongdae cuisine even deeper?




Haeundae is awesome for rest and relaxation! Most foreigners visit for it’s beautiful beach that boasts clear water and the great seafood market. Despite being Chuseok, there are still a lot of restaurants and shops open. You can even rent a beach umbrella and blankets for less than 10,000won!

JEJU 제 주 도


You should know that hiking is one of the best Korean past times so why not trek and hike this extinct volcano and be able to see from the beauty of Jeju Island.


No, this isn’t a place, but is actually the name for Jeju’s deep sea women divers! You can see them just about everywhere. Enjoy their performance and be in awe of their deep sea diving skills!


Although a bit naughty, as long as you are of age (recommended if you visit Jeju with a partner), come and see the Love museum of Jeju for a cheeky surprise.



Gyeongju’s National Museum offers folk games, songpyeon making classes and painting folk arts.

J E O N J U 전 주 시


Jeonju’s National Museum not only has folk games but also movie screenings so grab your popcorn. Visitors can try the Hanbok clothing of the samulnori band members and play the instruments too. The Hanok Village on the other hand also offers songpyeon cooking lessons and stage plays. Seunggwangje Guest House. Why a guesthouse? Well, Lee Seok is one of the last descendants of the Korean royal family and this is where he resides! The guesthouse also offers traditional folk past times and you can try royal garments while drinking plum tea.

Featured Image Source: Gyeongbokgung, Haachiyuki, 24.04.2017,



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