What’s Your Dream – Language Article

This month, our language article concerns the language of dreams and ambitions — fitting for the start of a new year!


밤 bam = night

꿈 kkum = dream (as a metaphor)


너는 꿈이 뭐야?
Neo-neun kkum-i mo-ya?
What is your dream?

경찰 kyeong chal = police

저의 꿈은 경찰관입니다.
Jeo-e kkum-eun kyeong-chal-gwan-ib-ni-da.
My dream is to be a police officer.


어젯밤 eo-jet-bam = last night
좋다 joh-da = to be good
꿈 kkum = dream
꿈을 꾸다 kkum-eul kku-da = to dream a dream (to have a dream)

어젯밤에 좋은 꿈을 꿨어요.
Eo-jet-bam-e joh-eun kkum-eul kkwoss-eo-yo.
Yesterday night, I had a good dream.

악몽 ak-mong = nightmare

어젯밤에 악몽을 꿨어요.
Eo-jet-bam-e ak-mong-eul kkwoss-eo-yo.
Yesterday night, I had a nightmare.

꿈 kkum = dream (as a metaphor)

꿈이 이루어 졌어요.
Kkum-i i-lu-eo jeoss-eo-yo.
My dream has come true.


이 ee = this
꿈에서 깨다 kkum-e-seo kkae-da = to wake up from a dream

이 꿈에서 깨고 싶지 않아요.
Ee kkum-e-seo kkae-go sip-ji anh-a-yo.
I don’t want to be awakened from this dream.
(When something goes really well as if it’s a dream.)

이사 ee-sa = move (eg house)

이사할 생각은 꿈에도 없어요.
I-sa-hal saeng-gak-eun kkum-e-do eobs-eo-yo.
I never think about moving, not even in my dreams.

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