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WHAT’S IN YOUR BOX – September Street Food

Korea has many delicious meals and traditional dishes that are a must try for any traveller, and, for us at least, it’s considered a bit of a ‘tourist sin’ if you travel to Korea but miss out on some of the best, and most convenient, food on offer – and that’s none other than Korean street food!

Ranging from traditional lunches to fried snacks, Korean street food has evolved over the years and is now considered a tourist attraction on it’s own. But since many can’t travel to Korea and try street food for themselves, we’ve decided to bring it to YOU with this month’s September Street Food themed box!

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Read on to find out what’s in this month’s box:

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Since we now have an extra 10 pages in our magazine, we’re able to give our readers even more interesting information – and this month’s magazine is filled to the brim with content such as the history of Korean street food, street food bucket lists, a scrumptious chicken skewer recipe and the best street food markets to visit if you ever get the chance to go to Korea.

Adding in our language, K-Beauty and activity section, the September magazine will feed your curiosities (and possibly leaving you feeling a bit hungry too!)



Squishy Mochi Keyring

©Mochi Keyring, 31.08,2018,

Also known as Chapssaltteok (찹쌀떡), mochi are a type of tteok or rice cake that are commonly used given to student before they are about to take an exam (to help the study materials stick in their minds).

And even though you can’t eat this cute little mochi, it’ll still make an excellent addition to a bag, wallet or a set of keys – and if you happen to have tests or exams coming up, why not keep it close by for good luck just in case?


Kimbap Rolling Mat

©Kimbap Rolling Mat, 31.08,2018,

In our magazine, you’ll learn that kimbap has played a big roll (pun intended) in the history of Korean street food stalls. So, every September box will include rolling mats so that you can get started on your kimbap making journey!


Mandu Case

©Mandu Case, 31.08,2018,

Mandu, or Korean dumplings, are another important and delicious member of the Korean street food family – and to assist with making them at home, we’ve also included dumpling cases so that everyone can have a go at making their own mandu!



You should receive a combination of the following snacks:

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Indian Corn Snack

Perfect for an after meal treat, these corn snacks are a great way to end the night!

Allergy Advice: Soybean and egg
Ingredients: Corn grits, rice bran oil, palm oil, salt, sugar, butter cream powder (soybean oil, whole egg powder, lactose), citric acid.


Sesame Flavoured Seaweed Snack

We’ve included this tasty snack in pervious boxes, and that’s because it never gets old for us! Whether you mix the seaweed into fresh rice, make mini kimbap or even eat it plain by itself, there’s plenty of yummy options for this snack!

Allergy Advice: Sesame oil
Ingredients: Laver, Salt, Canola Oil, Sesame oil


©Masks, 26.05.2018,

Received one or our favourite sheet masks? They’ll have you glowing in no time! Use this as part of your routine to end the day with a little pamper!

Make sure to tag us in your pamper session this month, we want to see those selfies!

We can’t get enough of them, and if you’re also obsessed, why not check out our 7 DAY SHEET MASK SET to try a mask a day? We promise you’ll love the effects!

[Product may vary, subject to availability]


Still not convinced? Why not try our TASTER box for a taste of what we offer?

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*We recommend that you do not solely rely on the information presented and that you always read labels, warnings, and directions before using or consuming a product. For additional information about a product, please contact the manufacturer. Inspire Me Korea assumes no liability for inaccuracies or misstatements about products.*


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