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What’s Going on This Month: September 2019

To go with this month’s folk theme we’ve put together some of the best folk and culture orientated events happening in Korea this September. The festivals are fun whilst giving you a great insight into Korean folk law, history and traditional culture. Come October, the temperatures in Korea will plummet, so make the most of September whilst it’s still warm.

Hongseong Hero Festival (홍성역사인물축제)

©홍성역사인물축제, VisitKorea, 16.06.19,

Dates: 27th September 2019 ~ 29th September 2019

Location: (Eng) 27, Amun-gil, Hongseong-gun, Chungcheongnam-do (Kor) 충청남도 홍성군 홍성읍 아문길 27

Admission: Free

Hongseong is known to be the hometown for many figures throughout Korean history. Some of the historical figures born there include; General Choi Yeong – a commander alive during the Goryeo dynasty, Seong Sam-mun – a scholar known for fighting against injustices, Han Yong-un – a resistance fighter who fought against the Japanese occupation of Korea, Kim Jwa-jin – a general who fought against the Japanese invasion and won the famous battle of Cheongsanni, Han Seong-jun – a famous folk dancer, and Lee Eung-no – a famous painter and artist. The hero festival aims to celebrate all these famous figures through performances and other cultural events. To reach Hongseong from Seoul you can take an express bus from Dong Seoul Bus Terminal (동서울종합버스터미널) to Hongseong Bus Terminal (홍성종합터미널). Then take a local bus to GwangcheonTongDari Bus Stop.

Hyoseok Cultural Festival (평창 효석문화제)

©평창 효석문화제, VisitKorea, 16.06.19,

Dates: 7th September 2019 ~ 15th September 2019

Location: (Eng) 157, Ihyoseok-gil, Pyeongchang-gun, Gangwon-do (Kor) 강원도 평창군 봉평면 이효석길 157 (봉평면)

Admission: Free

Lee Hyo-seok was one of Korea’s most well known modern writers, with his famous novel “When Buckwheat Flowers Bloom”. The Hyoseok Cultural Festival commemorates him and celebrates his work. The festival is held in his hometown of Bongpyeong, a place referenced in his works. The festival has a number of programmes including a national Hyo-seok essay competition, a Lee Hyo-seok literature night, competitions, folk game play and performances which all aim to celebrate and teach more about Lee Hyo-seok’s work. You can reach the festival by taking an intercity bus to Jangpyeong Intercity Bus Terminal (장평시외버스터미널). Then take a local bus in the direction of Bongpyeong (봉평) or take the Phoenix Park shuttle bus.

Andong Mask Dance Festival (안동국제탈춤페스티벌)

©안동국제탈춤페스티벌, VisitKorea, 16.06.19,

Dates: 27th September 2019 ~ 6th October 2019

Location: (Eng) 239, Yuksa-ro, Andong-si, Gyeongsangbuk-do (Kor) 경상북도 안동시 육사로 239 (운흥동)

Admission: Free

Andong is considered to be the capital of Korean traditional culture. Andong’s rich history and its perseverance in preserving and showcasing Korean historical and traditional culture makes it the perfect location for the Andong Mask Dance Festival. The festival celebrates and aims to explore the use of masks and masked dance throughout Korean history. There are many performances at the festival as well as opportunities to participate in the masked dance. To reach Andong you can take an intercity bus from Dong Seoul Bus Terminal (동서울종합버스터미널) to Andong Bus Terminal (안동터미널). From the terminal, it’s easiest to take a taxi to Mask Dance Park (탈춤공원).

Korea-Japan Festival (한일축제한마당)

©한일축제한마당, VisitKorea, 16.06.19,

Dates: 1st September 2019

Location: (Eng) COEX, 513, Yeongdong-daero, Gangnam-gu, Seoul (Kor)서울특별시 강남구 영동대로 513 COEX

Admission: Free

Beginning in 2005, the Korea-Japan Festival plays an important role in promoting cultural exchange between Japan and Korea. With its long running history of nearly 15 years, the festival is now bigger than ever. Held in COEX, one of Korea’s largest convention spaces, there are many varied events happening throughout the day. The official programme can be checked here so you can plan your visit. The festival is completely free to enter, you just need to register at the site. COEX is located next to Samseong Station (삼성역) on Seoul Subway Line 2 (2호선).

Jangsu Hanurang Sagwarang Festival (장수 한우랑사과랑축제)

©장수 한우랑사과랑축제, VisitKorea, 16.06.19,

Dates: 6th September 2019 ~ 8th September 2019

Location: (Eng) 393, Hannuri-ro, Jangsu-gun, Jeollabuk-do (Kor) 전라북도 장수군 장수읍 한누리로 393

Admission: Free

This festival aims to celebrate the Uiam Joo (“Red”) Nongae’s spirit, who gave her life to kill the Japanese General who was trying to invade her city. The area in which she lived specialises in producing agricultural products that are the colour red such as Korean beef and red apples. Due to the name of the spirit containing red and the produce of the county being red, the theme of the Jangsu Hanurang Sagwarang Festival is ‘red’. The festival promotes the exchange of farm goods and agricultural produce. If visiting the festival you can expect to try some delicious local produce through food sampling events and other hands-on activities. To reach the festival take an intercity bus from Seoul Nambu Terminal (서울남부터미널) to Jangsu Bus Terminal (장수공용 버스 터미널). The festival is then within walking distance.

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