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What’s Going on This Month: June 2019

June marks the beginning of the summer in Korea, where temperatures start to rise into the mid twenties, and the evenings stay warm. June is one of the best times to visit Korea as the humidity levels hover at a comfortable level, which means that you’ll find no need to stay inside and sprawl out under the air conditioning.

Hansan Ramie Fabric Cultural Festival (한산모시문화제)

©한산모시문화제, VisitKorea, 16.03.19,

Dates: June 7th 2019 ~ June 10th 2019

Location: (Eng) 1089, Chungjeol-ro, Seocheon-gun, Chungcheongnam-do (Kor) 충청남도 서천군 한산면 충절로 1089

Admission: Free

Hansan ramie or Mosi (모시) is a traditional Korean fabric, that was originally given to the King more than 1,500 years ago as a speciality of the Seocheon county (서천군). It is now a UNESCO recognised fabric and is still produced to this day. The Hansan Ramie Fabric Cultural Festival is a great chance to learn about the traditional product and its history. There will be demonstrations, street parades and fashion shows; all of which will be displaying the fabric. Seocheon county is located along the east coast of Korea and can be reached by taking the KTX train from Seoul station to Seocheon station. From Seocheon station take a local bus bound for Hansan (한산).

Pohang International Fireworks Festival (포항 국제불빛축제)

©Sparkler, Free-Photos, 30.03.19,

Dates: May 31st 2019 ~ June 2nd 2019

Location: (Eng) 11, Munye-ro 170beon-gil, Nam-gu, Pohang-si, Gyeongsangbuk-do (Kor) 경상북도 포항시 남구 문예로170번길 11 (해도동)

Admission: Free

The international fireworks festival is held along Yeongildae Beach (영일대해수욕장) in Pohang. Pohang is sometimes coined the ‘city of light and fire’ because of this famous festival. During the festival, there are a series of light parades, street performances, food stalls and more. The festival is free and suitable for all ages. So if you’re visiting the south-east of Korea this June, the firework festival is worth a visit. To reach Pohang from Seoul, you can take the high speed KTX train from Seoul Station to Pohang Station. From Pohang station take a local bus to Yeongildae Beach bus stop.

Gangneung Danoje Festival (강릉단오제)

©강릉단오제, VisitKorea, 30.03.19,

Dates: June 3rd 2019 ~ June 10th 2019

Location: (Eng) 1, Danojang-gil, Gangneung-si, Gangwon-do (Kor) 강원도 강릉시 단오장길 1

Admission: Free

The Gangneung Denoje festival is a UNESCO recognised heritage event in Korea since 2005, and is a festival which aims to preserve the culture of the Joseon Dynasty. There are various folk performances and games taking place and many events held in which the public can participate. There is everything from a mock traditional Korean wedding – to rice cake making lessons. The festival is held in Gangwan-do (강원도) which is reachable from Seoul by bus. From Seoul Express Bus Terminal you can take an express bus to Gangneung Express Bus Terminal. Then from Gangneung you can take a local bus to Dano Culture Center where the festival is held.

Bucheon International Fantastic Film Festival (부천 국제판타스틱영화제)

©BIFAN, 11.04.19,

Dates: June 27th 2019 ~ July 7th 2019

Location: (Eng) Bucheon-si, Gyeonggi-do (Kor) 경기도 부천시

Admission: Dependant on event

Bucheon International Fantastic Film Festival is a must visit for anyone working in the film industry as well as any film enthusiast. Running since 1997, the festival holds a varied program with film viewings, discussion panels, masterclasses, awards, performances and even a flea market. Tickets to all the individual events can be purchased on the BiFan website (, and a full list of events can be found there. The festival is held at many different locations around the city of Bucheon (부천시), but the main area can be reached from Songnae Station (송내역) on Seoul Subway Line 1 (1호선).

Ulsan Whale Festival (울산고래축제)

©울산고래축제, VisitKorea, 12.04.19,

Dates: June 7th 2019 ~ June 9th 2019

Location: (Eng) 20, Jangsaengpogorae-ro 288beon-gil, Nam-gu, Ulsan (Kor) 울산광역시 남구 장생포고래로288번길 20 (매암동)

Admission: Free

Ulsan Whale Festival is held in the Jangsaengpo Whale Culture Special Zone. The zone is dedicated to everything to do with whales, from a whale museum to a whale watching cruise. The festival aims to celebrate and teach about these beautiful mammals. There will be hands on events, a water playground, food markets and multiple musical performances. Ulsan is a city located in the south east of Korea. You can reach Ulsan from Seoul, by either high speed train (KTX) or by bus. If taking the KTX, you can take the train from Seoul Station (서울역) to Ulsan Station (울산역), then take a local bus 317, 327, 337 or 807 to Taehwa Rotary Bus Stop. Alternatively, you can take a bus from the Seoul Express Bus Terminal (서울고속버스터미널) to Ulsan Terminal (울산시외버스터미널). Then from Ulsan Terminal, once again take a local bus to Taehwa Rotary Bus Stop.

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