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There are many tourist attractions, historical sites and beautiful sights in Seoul that almost every solo traveller has on their bucket list. And while there are indeed many things to be enjoyed on your own, there are also just as many activities that are best experienced when you’re with someone you’re close with – like a best friend!

So to get you started on your best friend bucket list, we’re sharing some of the best places in Seoul that you can experience with your best friends.


 Roller-skating and Picnicking by the Han River

©Photo by Sunyu Kim, 09.09.2018,

There are many interesting things to do in and around the Han River (한강), from swan peddle-boats and kayaking to renting bicycles, all of which can be made better by experiencing it with the people you love. But for us, the two best Han River activities to do with your friends is roller-skating followed by a relaxing picnic overlooking the river!

We’ve found that roller-skating, and even riding bikes is by far one of the quickest and most enjoyable ways to see as many of the river’s sights as possible – even if it takes you a while to steady yourself, you’ll eventually get the hang of it with your friends supporting you.

And while you’re exploring you’re bound to stumble across some delicious meal options, which leads directly into our second favourite Han River activity; picnicking! With so many different foods available, such as fried chicken, jjajangmyeon and street food, it can be quite tricky to decide on just one thing to eat, but if you’re with a large group, everyone can get something different and try a bit of everything!

Then, all you have left to do is sit back with your food and watch the breathtaking views of the Han River.

©한강, 09.09.2018, Inspire Me Korea

Escape Rooms

Escape rooms have grown in popularity over the years, and there are plenty to choose from in Seoul. These fun and unique places are made up of different rooms, each filled with their own unique themes, riddles and puzzles that groups of friends – or strangers – need to solve in time to move from room to room.

Despite sounding a bit stressful, Escape rooms are a creative and fun way to distract yourself from life for a bit and, like noraebang, the more friends you have with you the easier it will be to solve the puzzles and escape!

Since visitors are asked to keep the themes and puzzles of the escape rooms a secret, we can’t reveal what kind of things you’ll see there – but we assure you that you and your friends won’t regret going there.



©수원역_노래방, Photo Curtesy of TJ Media, 09.09.2018,

These days, many people dread singing in front of others – including us! But despite feeling this way, when we go to a Korean karaoke house, or noraebang (노래방), all our anxieties seem to fade away and surprisingly, we feel enlightened by singing the songs that make us happy!

Korean noraebang have private rooms filled with couches, coloured lights and even musical instruments, making it a favourite among many students, business workers and groups of friends who go to noraebang to help relieve their stress, and the more people you have with you, the better the experience will be. But why?

Depending on which neighbourhood you’re in, some noraebang tend to be quite pricey, so it’s always cost effective to go with a large group. Besides, the more the merrier right? And since noraebang rooms are soundproofed, you can scream your favourite songs as loudly and badly as you want – no one’s going to judge you!

Tip: If you want to wow your friends by singing a Korean song, but your fluency isn’t 100% – don’t worry! Try listening to some Korean ballads or drama OST’s – not only are they an incredibly popular noraebang choice, they’re also usually slow and thus easy to read on the lyric monitors!

©Photo by Ciaran O’Brien, 09.09.2018,


⃝ Arcade

©Photo by Ciaran O’Brien, 09.09.2018,

Korean arcades are another great place to visit with a group of friends. Just like noraebang, arcades are a common place for students and young ones to go to relieve stress – whether it be battling your friends in fighting, shooting and driving games or challenging  your friends to a classic dance off on the DDR machines (which happen to be our personal favourites).

Lately, one Korean arcade game that has grown in popularity is the claw machine. Notorious for being quite difficult, these games offer players the chance to win a variety of prizes ranging from snacks, accessories and, of course, stuffed toys – in some places, entire arcades are devoted to these claw machines!

©Photo by Melvina Mak, 09.09.2018,

⃝ Exploring Seoul’s Night Life

©Night, 09.09.2018, Inspire Me Korea

Even after experiencing the Han River, noraebang, arcades and escape rooms, Seoul still has so much more for groups of friends to explore – especially at night!

As gorgeous as Seoul is during the day, there’s something about the city’s neon night life that mesmerises us. Seoul City never sleeps, no matter what the time is, which means that there are still a lot of things to do such as exploring night markets, eating at traditional restaurants, resting at a jjimjilbang (or sauna) and, our favourite, strolling through Seoul’s many stores.

Although going out late at night in a foreign city can seem daunting, we’ve found that some of our most interesting experiences and cherished memories were made whilst making nightly journeys – and we’re certain you’ll feel the same way when wandering through Seoul’s neon-lit streets and enjoying the night life with your friends.

©Market, Photo by Bundo Kim, 07.09.2018

Feature Image Source: ©Photo by Sujin Lee, 09.09.2018,

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