5 Things That Will Surprise You When Travelling Korea

No matter how much you plan for a trip, there are always things that will surprise you on your journey to Korea, but it’s all part of the beauty of travelling!

Here are the Top 5 Things that will surprise you when travelling Korea

1. It’s a 24/7 Lifestyle

Whoever said that New York is the city that never sleeps, has obviously never visited Seoul. Want to go to a cafe, play computer games or buy cosmetics at 4am? You can in Korea. Even if you get those midnight munchies, you’re guaranteed to find a local convenience store which will satisfy your craving, no matter what time of day.


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2. Transport Is Easy-to-use & Cheap

If you’ve seen ‘Train to Busan’ you may be slightly worried about taking the KTX. However, these trains are clean, roomy and super fast, getting you from Seoul to Busan in just a few hours! Whether you’re taking the train, subway or bus you’ll find that transport is affordable and most importantly…on time! Even taxis are cheap, so lucky for you, travelling around Korea is easy! You can also download subway apps which have both English and Korean. It’s easy so make sure you make the most out of your trip and go exploring!


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3. There’s No Need to Tip

Tipping is not a part of Korean culture and is considered rude. So instead, save those pennies for some more soju.

korean money

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4. Naked Spas

Naked spas and sauna eggs – yes, you heard that correctly. If you need to take some time to relax, head to a jjimjilbang. This is a truly Korean experience, but be warned, you’ll get a surprise if you’re planning to take your swimming costume. That’s right, just your birthday suit will do. If the thought of getting in the ‘nuddy’ is just too much to bare, then don’t worry you can also rent some clothes, take a nap in the relaxations rooms and eat some bingsu.

korean spa

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5. Wi-fi Is Everywhere

Getting lost is a pretty nerve wracking feeling, so it’s always handy to have wi-fi on-hand for peace of mind. Korea is a tech nomad’s dream, so thankfully there’s always a cafe, restaurant or subway that’s nearby, meaning you can easily access their high speed internet to get you back on track – easy peasy!

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