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Gracebell is a Korean brand respected both for its quality and cute, sensible designs. You’ll find them in Hapjeong where they stock a wide (and adorable) array of products ranging from postcards, pens and eco-bottles, to tote bags and calendars, plus loads more! When you find yourself in Korea next, drop in and immerse yourself in their range of cute creations. And when you need to take a break, Gracebell also features a cute cafe to give you your coffee fix alongside an array of cakes, cookies and colourful beverages. Chill with your favourite characters as you get lost in a morning coffee, or their ice-cold Lemon Yogurt Smoothie.

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Gracebell has really excited us with their brand and sensible ethos, and we know you’ll love them, too. With the theme of the month focused on STREET FOOD, we’ve picked our favourite products that would go perfectly with your street food market hopping~

GRACEBELL mini bottle

The Hello Jane eco-mini bottle holds 350mls of hot or cold liquid and is a cute, compact size. It is made of environmentally-friendly material Eco Zen; a synthetic resin made of raw materials extracted from plants like corn and wheat. It won’t leak in your bag, as their cap is lined with silicone to prevent any leakage. The designs are super adorable and sure to brighten up your day.

The entrance is wide so it not only holds beverages; you could also use it to hold food. Why not be adventurous and store cookies, vegetables, or fruit inside!

Hello Dundun memo it

With the Hello Dundun sticky notes, there’s plenty of space to write all your memos down. The memo-it sticky notes are perfect for your studies and reminding yourself of that upcoming exam, or plan out your next food adventure!

Hello Dundun memo-it was selected as an idea product at the 2017 Hi-Seoul Awards!

What is Hi-Seoul?

It is a brand granted to companies with excellent technology and product qualities certified by Seoul City through the strict evaluation process of Seoul National Industrial Promotion Agency.

Gracebell products are also proudly made in Korea, so look out for the “Made in Korea” mark on each item.

If you are curious about the Gracebell brand and their products check out their website or store for more adorable products. Gracebell products are also available on Amazon in the US and Japan.

Address: 20, Yanghwa-ro 10-gil, Mapo-gu, Seoul, South Korea.

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