Storytelling: Language Guide


  1. Plot – 구성 (gu-seong)
  2. Setting – 배경 (bae-gyeong)
  3. Main character – 주인공 (ju-in-geong)
  4. Genre – 장르 (jang-reu)
  5. Fiction/novel – 소설 (so-seol)


  1. Good – 좋은 (jo-eun)
  2. Bad – 나쁜 (na-ppeun)
  3. Handsome – 잘생긴 (jal-saen-gin)
  4. Pretty – 예쁜 (ye-ppeun)
  5. Fun – 재미 있는 (jae-mi it-neun)
  6. Boring – 재미 없는 (jae-mi eop-neun)
  7. Unique/interesting – 특이한 (tteuk-i-han)
  8. Strange – 이상한 (i-sang-han)
  9. Evil – 사악한 (sa-ak-han)
  10. Innocent – 순진한 (sun-jin-han)


Q: 어떤 책 가장 좋아하세요? (eo-tteon chaek ga-jang jo-a-ha-se-yo)
A: 제가 가장 좋아하는 책은 ___________이에요. (je-ga ga-jang jo-a-ha-neun chaek-eun ________ i-e-yo)

Q: What is your favorite book?
A: My favourite book is ___________.

Q: 그 책의 배경은 뭐에요? (geu chaek-ui bae-gyeong-eun mwo-e-yo)
A: 그 책의 배경은 ________이에요. (geu chaek-ui bae-gyeong-eun_______i-e-yo )

Q: What is the setting of the book?
A: The setting of this book is ___________.


Q: 주인공에 대해서 어떻게 생각해요? (ju-in-gong-e dae-hae-seo eo-tteok-e saeng-gak-hae-yo)
A: 제 생각에는 주인공은 착해요/나빠요/잘 생겼어요/예뻐요/특이해요. 

je saeng-gag-e-neun ju-in-gong-eun cha-kae-yo/na-ppa-yo/jal saeng-gyeo-sseoyo/ye-ppeo-yo/teu-gi-hae-yo)

Q: What do you think about the main character?
A: I think the main character is kind/mean/handsome/pretty/unique .

나는 이 이야기를 좋아한다/싫어한다. 왜냐하면
재미있다/재미없다 . (na-neun i i-ya-gi-reul jo-a-han-da/si-reo-han-da. wae-nya-ha-myeon jae-mi-it-da/jae-mi-eop-da)

I like/don’t like this story because it is fun/it is boring .


A: 그 소설에 대해서 어떻게 생각했어요? (geu so-seor-e dae-hae-seo eo-tteo-ke saeng-gak-hae-sseo-yo)
B: 재미 있었어요. (jae-mi iss-eoss-eo-yo)
A: 정말요? 어떤 점이 재미 있었어요? (jeong-mar-yo? eo-tteon jeom-i jae-mi iss-eoss-eo-yo)
B: 로맨스에 관한 이야기고,캐릭터들이 정말 좋아요. (ro-maen-seue gwan-han i-ya-gi-go,kae-rik-teo-deu-ri jeong-mal jo-a-yo)
A: 추천해요? (chu-cheon-hae-yo)
B: 네 정말 좋아요! (ne jeon-gmal jo-a-yo)

A: What did you think about the novel?
B: I thought it was fun.
A: Really? What is it about?
B: It’s a story about romance and the characters are really good.
A: Do you recommend it?
B: Yeah, it’s really good!


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