Shopping Like a Local: Language Guide



  1. T-shirt – 티셔츠 (ti-syeo-cheu)
  2. Shirt – 셔츠 (syeo-cheu)
  3. Jacket – 재킷, 잠바 (jae-kit, jam-ba)
  4. Pants – 바지 (ba-ji)
  5. Shorts – 반바지 (ban-ba-ji)
  6. Skirt – 치마 (chi-ma)
  7. Shoes – 신발 (shin-bal)
  8. Hats – 모자 (mo-ja)
  9. Socks – 양말 (yang-mal)


  1. Necklace – 목걸이 (meok-geo-ri)
  2. Earrings – 귀걸이 (gui-geo-ri)
  3. Ring – 반지 (ban-ji)
  4. Glasses – 안경 (an-gyeong)
  5. Bracelet – 팔찌 (pal-jji)
  6. Bag – 가방 (ga-bang)


  1. Size – 사이즈, 크기 (sa-i-jeu, keu-gi)
  2. Big – 큰 (keun)
  3. Small – 작은 (ja-geun)
  4. Medium – 미디엄,  중간의 (mi-di-eom, jung-gan-ui)


작은 사이즈 있어요? (ja-geun sai-jeu iss-eo-yo?)

Do you have a size small?

다른거 있어요? (da-reun-geo iss-eo-yo?)

Do you have any other ones?


이 재킷과 저 티셔츠를 주세요. (i jae-kit-gwa jeo ti-syeo-cheu-reul ju-se-yo.)

I’ll take this jacket and that t-shirt.

이거 다른 색깔로 있어요? (i-geo da-reun saek-kkal-lo iss-eo-yo?)

Do you have this in a different color?


The verb used to refer to wearing something in Korean can differ depending on the item the person is referring to. 입다, 쓰다, 차다, and 신다 all mean to “wear” something but each are used along with a different noun.

1. 입다 ( ip-da) – to try on clothes on the body like t-shirts and pants.

이거 입어봐도 될까요?

Can I try this on?

2. 쓰다 (sseu-da) – to try on things that cover your face and head like makeup, glasses, and hats.

이거 써봐도 될까요?

Can I try this one?


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