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We’ve covered a lot of amazing places in and around Seoul where you can relax, find little joys and discover your inner artist – but how can you figure out which activity would suit you best?

Take this quiz below and find your number to reveal which relaxing, art-inspired activity in Seoul is perfect for you!

Begin your relaxing day in Seoul!


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Find your number below and find out how you’re spending your relaxing day in Seoul…




Admire the galleries in Yongsan-gu.


Have an aesthetic photoshoot in Iwha Mural Village.


Make Norigae in Bukchon Hanok Village.


Create your own unique perfume at a scent workshop.


Explore the hidden shops and street art in Mullae-dong


Experience the lively markets of Insa-dong.


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Claudia Deborah 이보라

Book-dealer by day, writer and illustrator by night—Instagram: @kikitsa.draws. Instant coffee and trot music get me through the day. My life is simple but I’m greatful for it. 나의 인생은 조금 심심하고 단순하지만, 이런 내 삶도 나에게 주어진 삶이 기 때문에 감사함을 느끼고 있습니다.



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