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Our night at the South Club Concert!

South Club, the K-Indie pop band formed Nam Taehyun have just completed a successful European tour and we were lucky enough to have the chance to go along!

Even before the show started there was a distinct atmosphere around ‘The Underworld’ in Camden where South Club was set to perform. People had been queuing since 10:30 in the morning, when the concert didn’t start until hours later, however those who arrived early enough were lucky enough to receive a limited edition Nam Taehyun Polaroid from a UK based fan club for the band.

As soon as the bassist Donghyun stepped out onto the stage, the atmosphere turned electric. He was closely followed by guitarist Kunku and drummer Wonyoung as they started the instrumental opening showing off their amazing skills. Nam Taehyun stepped on to the stage and the excitement was at its peak. The entire band’s musical ability is no joke, they constantly proved themselves throughout the show, guitar and drum solos appearing frequently. Each song was played with so much energy, that the audience couldn’t help but scream and cheer at a borderline deafening volume.

In between songs Taehyun showed off his English skills in a simultaneously cool and cute manner, in a way that had the crowd cooing at moments. They stressed how grateful they were to be able to tour Europe and London, Taehyun telling us that it was always his dream to perform in London, a place where the genre of his music has its roots.

One of the highlights of the evening was the music South club performed for the first time. Not only did we get to hear a couple of songs in English, but bassist Donghyun also performed his own original song, “Aurora”, which left us all in awe. However, we had to regain our composure pretty quickly as they performed South Club’s upcoming new song. The song was written by Taehyun, and as expected, was incredible.

The room felt collectively sad as the group left the stage, but when we asked for an encore, they came back on to the stage. South Club involved us all as they asked the fans about the songs that they want them to sing. It was a sweet intimate interaction between South Club and the fans.

All in all it was a fantastic night and it looked like South Club were very keen to perform here again in the future, so definitely keep an eye open for tickets as it is an amazing experience that no one should miss out on.

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