LINE vs. KakaoTalk카카오톡 – TRENDS


LINE and Kakao Talk are the most popular instant message services in Asia, and have the same status as Whatsapp. Both applications have been endorsed by celebrities, and big companies.

But did you know that the characters of your favourite messaging app, have come to life?

LINE Store Myeongdong 명동

LINE first launched in Japan in 2011, and grasped 100 million users in just 18 months!

With an array of sticker packs, external games and well known characters, this app is now available internationally! With an animated series by the name of LINE Offline, which is based on “Salary Man”; many other mascots/characters appeared in the series. When you approach the LINE store in Myeongdong명동, you are first greeted by appetising LINE friends character ice cream, and cute snacks! Perfect for keeping you cool in summer!

Face masks and beauty products, purses, plushies and clothing! All reasonably priced.

Myeongdong can be accessed via Seoul Subway Line 4, exits 5-10.


Kakao Friends Shop 카카오프렌즈샵– Sinchon 

KakaoTalk 카카오톡 launched in 2010, and currently has 170 million users!

Just like LINE, it is part of the Naver family, and has a number of sub-applications, including games, Kakao Story and Kakao Music. So why not head down to the store in Sinchon 신촌, where you can meet Frodo, APeach, Muzi and the whole gang? You can take home your favourite character in the form of mugs, stationary, phone cases, snacks, home ware, and much, much more!

Sinchon 신촌 is one stop from Hongdae 홍대, (Hongik University Station 홍대입구역) on Line 2.

So which one will you visit first?


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Shari Coakley

Longing to travel, and document my experiences. A vast taste in music; always enthused by culture and people. Favourite city so far? Seoul...<3



  • Char
    3 years ago

    I have to say I’m more of a LINE fan. I just can’t resist those cute animated stickers!

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