May Language (Words Used in a Diary)

일기 il-gi : diary

날짜 nal-jja: date

_월_일 _wol_il: _month_day

오늘 o-neul: today

어제 eo-je: yesterday

내일 nae-il: tomorrow


Past Tense Verbs:

재미 있었다 jae-mi iss-eot-da: It was fun

즐거웠다 jeul-geo-wot-da: It was enjoyable

지루했다 ji-ru-haet-da: It was boring

했습니다 haet-seum-ni-da: I did

좋아했다 jo-a-haet-da: I liked

싫어했다 si-reo-haet-da: I didn’t like

먹었다 meo-geot-da: I ate

봤다 bwat-da: I saw

놀았다 no-rat-ta: I played

갔다 gat-da: I went


Sentence Structure:

Subject + Time + Object + Verb

나는 오늘 친구랑 놀았다. na-neun o-neul chin-gu-rang nor-at-da. : I played with my friend today.

나는 오늘 학교에 갔다. na-neun o-neul hak-gyo-e gat-da. : Today, I went to school.

나는 어제 파티로 갔다. na-neun eo-je pa-ti-ro gat-da : I went to a party yesterday.


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