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Readers, welcome to this month’s language guide which will focus on choosing a gift for him/her, along with all the language you’ll need to navigate a cinema date!


코미디 영화?
Ko-mi-di yong-hwa?
Comedy film?

로맨틱 코미디 영화?
Lo-maen-tik ko-mi-di yong-hwa?
Romantic comedy film?

액션 영화?
Aek-seon yong-hwa?
Action film?

공포 영화?
Gong-po yong-hwa?
Horror film?

스릴러 영화?
Seu-lil-leo yong-hwa?
Thriller film?


오늘 o-neul = today

오후 o-hu = afternoon

백화점 baek-hwa-jeom = department store

가다 ka-da = to go

오늘  오후에  백화점에  갔어요.

O-neul o-hu-e baek-hwa-jeom-e kass-eo-yo.

This afternoon, I went to a department store.

종류 jong-lyu = sort
정말 jeong-mal = really
많다 manh-da = to have lots of

팔찌의 종류가 정말 많았어요.
There were really many kinds of bracelets.

어떤 eo-tteon = what kind

어떤 영화를 좋아해요?
Eo-tteon yong-hwa-leul joh-a-hae-yo?
Which kind of movie do you like ?


재미있다 jae-mi-iss-da = to be interesting
-라면/이라면 la-myeon/i-la-myeon = if it’s…
다 da = all

저는 재미있는 영화라면 다 좋아요.
Jeo-neun jae-mi-iss-neun yong-hwa-la-myeon da joh-a-yo.
If it’s an interesting movie, I like all of them.

그래서 geu-lae-seo = so
예쁘다 ye-bbeu -da = pretty
커플 keo-peul = couple
팔찌 pal-jji = bracelet

그래서 백화점에서 예쁜 커플 팔찌를 샀어요.
So I bought pretty couple bracelets at the department store.

토요일 to-yo-il = Saturday
남자친구 nam-ja-chin-gu = boyfriend
여자친구 yeo-ja-chin-gu = girlfriend
만나다 man-na-da = to meet

토요일에 남자친구 / 여자친구 를 만날거에요.
To-yo-il-e nam-ja-chin-gu / yeo-ja-chin-gu leul man-nal-geo-e-yo.
On Saturday I will meet my boyfriend/girlfriend.


좋다 joht-a = to be good
평 pyeong = review
많이 manh-i = much
받다 bad-da = to receive
-어서/아서 -eo-seo/a-seo = particle of reason
꼭 kkok = for sure

그 영화는 좋은 평을 많이 받아서 꼭 보고 싶었어요.
Geu yong-hwa-neun joh-eun pyeong-eul manh-i bad-a-seo kkok bo-go sip-eoss-eo-yo.
The film received lots of good reviews so I wanted to see it for sure.


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