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Are you a K-Pop addict and dream of the day you can understand all of the lyrics to your favourite songs? Perhaps you’re a Korean drama lover and can’t wait to one day watch an episode without the aid of English subtitles. Or maybe you have a trip to the country planned and don’t wish to rely on just smiling and nodding when a native sparks up a conversation with you. Whatever your reason is for wanting to learn the beautiful language of Korea, Teach Me Korean has you covered.

Teach Me Korean is an online classroom and community run by three dedicated and passionate Korean tutors that make learning the language and culture fun, easy and personal. They give each of their students helping hand to reach their goals. By taking advantage of the website’s interactive courses, personalised assignments and one-to-one sessions, Korean fluency is just around the corner!

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In the individual lessons, there will be an open Q&A section where the tutors (below) can answer any questions you may have. You’ll also be able to complete interactive assignments where you’ll get the chance to perfect your pronunciation. Once you submit your answers, a personal tutor will be assigned to you. They will privately assess your work and provide you with valuable tips that will help you in your lessons.

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Sounds great, right? What’s even greater is that all Inspire Me Korea readers will be able to enjoy learning for FREE for a whole month! All you need to do is use the code ‘INSPIREMEKOREA’ at the checkout of the courses you wish to enrol in.

Happy learning!

Our review:

The first thing we noticed about this website, is that it is easy to navigate. The layout of the course is simple, and works in a structured way.

The first course is “HANGEUL BOOTCAMP”, where the basics of Hangeul are taught with detailed, yet easy to understand explanations and introductions. The use of playable voice recordings enables you to practice physically, and helps you to improve and work on your pronunciation. Everything starts off relatively simple.

Wondering how well you’ve done? Each module has an end of unit test, which can be re-taken three times. All grammatical rules are explained very well! This is something that can sometimes throw you off, if you don’t comprehend it completely. The language is simple, and does not make things confusing; everything is relevant and straight to the point; and as everything is illustrated so well, the course triggers you to learn by the visuals, and the repetition of sounds.

There are also sections on the website that enable you to take your studies further. The most helpful section is the Community tab! You can add friends, join groups and have discussions within different threads and forums. The blog is also very appealing, as it contains articles that provide you with further information and support, as well as useful tips, and fun facts.

It doesn’t stop there, as there are E-Books that can be purchased too!

With something for everyone, Teach Me Korean definitely appeals to all, as you can learn in a number of different ways. There is always a support system there, and you will never feel alone!

So pali pali! 빨리빨리. Join now!

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Longing to travel, and document my experiences. A vast taste in music; always enthused by culture and people. Favourite city so far? Seoul...<3



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