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Historical Korean Language Guide:

Welcome to our all-inclusive Korean language guide! If your aim is to achieve fluency through a broad range of vocabulary and by grasping difficult conversational topics – then we’ve got you covered! Whether you’re a newcomer, an occasional dabbler, or a casual debater in heated discussions, you’ll find a range of phrases below to take you one step further!


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History 역사 Yeok-sa

King 왕 Wang

Queen 여왕 Yeo-wang

Crown Prince 세자 Se-ja

To found a country 건국하다 keon-kuk-ha-da

War 전쟁 Jeon-jaeng

General 장군 Jang-gun

Independence 독립 Dok-lip

President 대통령 Dae-tong-ryeong

The great man of history 위인 We-in




History always repeats itself. 역사는 항상 반복된다. Yeok-sa-neun hang-sang ban-bok doen-da

King Seojong the Great created Hangul. 세종대왕님은 한글을 창제하였다. Se-jong-dae-wang-nim-eun han-gul-eul chang-je-ha-eot-da

We should cherish our cultural assets 문화재를 소중히 여겨야 한다. Mun-hwa-hae-leul so-jung-hee yeo-gyeo-ya han-da.

Which great man do you respect most? 어느 위인을 가장 존경해요? Eo-neu we-in-eul ga-jang jon-gyeong-hae-yo?

Korean No.1 national treasure is Sungnyemun. 한국의 국보 1호는 숭례문이다. Han-guk-eui guk-bo il-ho-neun sungnyemun-yi-da

This building has a history of hundreds of years. 이 건물은 수백년의 역사를 가졌다. Yi geon-mul-eun su-baek-nyeon-eui yeok-sa-leul ga-jeot-da

There are many historical places in this city. 이 도시에는 역사적인 공간이 많다. Yi do-si-ye-neun yeok-sa-jeok-in gong-gan-yi man-da


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Ancient Joseon, which was built in BC.2333, was the first Korean nation. 기원전 2333년 건국된 고조선은 한국 최초의 국가이다. Gi-won-jeon yi-cheon-sam-bae k-sam-sip-sam-nyeon geok-guk-doen go-jo-seon-eun han-guk choi-cho-eui guk-ga-yi-da

Korea gained independence from Japan in 1945. 1945. 년 한국은 일본으로부터 독립했다. Cheon-gu-bae k-sa-sip-o-nyeon han-guk-eun il-bon-eu-lo-bu-teo dok-lip-het-da

The Korean war between South and North Korea broke out in 1950. 1950년 남과 북 사이에 한국전쟁이 일어났다. Cheon-gu-bae k-o-sip-nyeon nam-gwa buk sa-yi-ye han-guk-jeon-jang-yi il-eo-nat-da

It has been almost 600 years since Seoul became the capital. 서울은 수도가 된지 600여년이 되었다. Seoul-eun su-do-ga doen-ji yook-baek-yeo-nyeon-yi doe-et-da

Gyeongju is the city which embodies the Silla dynasty with its 1,000 years of history. 경주는 신라왕조 1000년을 담고 있는 도시이다. Gyeongju-neun silla-wang-jo cheon-nyeon-eul dam-go it-neun do-si-yi-da.


A hidden story of the traditional coin(엽전).

There is an established theory regarding the name of the traditional leaf coin; that is, that it originated from its casting process. The brass is first poured into one side of the mould, and once it has filled the inside of the branch-shaped mould, it is left to set and harden. The mould used in its casting is said to look like the branches of a tree so once it has hardened, the whole shape comes to resemble leaves hanging from a tree branch and the coins, which resemble leaves, are then removed from the branches. This is why it is called a ‘엽전’ which literally means ‘leaf coin’.

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