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Readers! This month, we’re bringing you another language post to help you navigate your way through another great discussion. Welcome to this month’s language guide where, as always, we provide something for everyone. Pick up your notepad, don your hoop-ring cap, sit back, and get stuck into our list of RELAXATION-themed phrases below to help you master the language and map your way to greater fluency.


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Rest. 휴식 Hyu-sik

Holiday. 휴가 Hyu-ga

Take a rest. 쉬다 Swi-da

Worry. 걱정하다 Geok-jeong-ha-da

Relaxed. 편안하다 Pyeon-an-ha-da

Uncomfortable. 불편하다 Bul-pyeon-ha-da

Meditation. 명상 Myeong-sang

Take a walk. 산책하다 San-chaek-ha-da

Hobby. 취미 chwi-mi

Nap. 낮잠 nat-jam



I should take a nap, just for an hour. 한 시간만 낮잠 자야겠어요. Han si-gan-man nat-jam ja-ya-ge-sseo-yo.

Don’t worry too much. 너무 걱정하지 말아요. Neo-mu geok-jeong-ha-ji mal-a-yo.

I’m on holiday until next weekend. 다음주 주말까지 휴가에요. Da-eum-ju ju-mal-gga-ji hyu-ga-ye-yo.

Meditation may reduce stress. 명상은 스트레스를 완화시켜요. Myeong-sang-eun stress-reul wan-hwa-si-kyeo-yo.

I’ve recently taken up painting as a hobby. 최근에 취미로 그림 그리기를 시작했어요. Choi-geun-e chwi-mi-ro geu-rim geu-ri-gi-reul si-jak-hae-sseo-yo.

Are you uncomfortable using this? 사용할 때 불편한 점은 없나요? Sa-yong-hal ttae bul-pyeon-han jeom-eun eop-na-yo?

Shall we take a little walk together? 잠깐 같이 산책 다녀올래요? Jam-kkan ga-chi san-chaek da-nyeo-ol-lae-yo?


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Worrying won’t solve any problems. 걱정한다고 문제가 해결되지는 않을 거에요. geok-jeong-han-da-go mun-jae-ga hae-gyeol-doi-ji-neun an-eul geo-e-yo.

So-hwak-haeng(소확행) is currently the most popular trendy phrase among young people. 소확행은 최근 젊은이들 사이에서 가장 유행하는 트렌드이다. So-hwak-haeng-eun choi-geun jeol-meun-ee-deul sa-ee-e-seo ga-jang you-haeng-ha-neun trend-ee-da. * 소확행 means ‘small but definite happiness’.

I should take a rest before starting work again. 잠깐 쉬었다가 다시 일을 시작해야겠어요. Jam-kkan sui-eot-da-ga da-si il-eul si-jak-hae-ya-get-sseo-yo.

Where are you going for this summer vacation? 이번 여름휴가는 어디로 다녀올 생각이에요? Yi-beon yeo-reum-hyu-ga-neun eo-di-ro da-nyeo-ol saeng-gak-ee-ye-yo?

Shall we eat out for a change today? 오늘은 기분전환 겸 외식하러 나갈까요? O-neul-eun gi-bun-jeon-hwan gyeom oei-sik-ha-reo na-gal-kka-yo?


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