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Festival. 축제 Chuk-jae

Performance. 공연 Gong-yeon

Firework. 불꽃놀이 Bul-kkot-no-li

Traditional. 전통 Jeon-tong

Local. 지역 Ji-yeok

Mood. 분위기 Bun-wi-ki

Opening ceremony. 개막식 Gae-mak-sik

Closing ceremony. 폐막식 Pye-mak-sik

Guest singer. 초대가수 Cho-dae-ga-su

commemorate. 기념하다 Ki-nyeom-ha-da



The festival boasts a long history. 이 축제는 오랜 전통을 자랑해요. Yi chuk-je-neun o-raen jeon-tong-eul ja-lang-hae-yo.

Are the tickets still available? 아직 티켓 팔고 있나요? Ah-jik ticket pal-go it-na-yo?

The entire city is caught up in a festive mood. 도시 전체가 축제 분위기에요.  Do-si jeon-che-ga chuk-jae bun-wi-gi-e-yo.

Don’t miss the fireworks tomorrow! 내일 있을 불꽃놀이는 놓치지마! Nae-il ee-sseul bul-kkot-no-li-leul no-chi-ji-ma.

They are busy with preparations for the opening ceremony. 지금 개막식 준비가 한창입니다. Ji-geum gae-mak-sik jun-bi-ga han-chang-im-ni-da.

BTS is performing(is coming to perform) at the closing ceremony. 폐막식 때 BTS가 공연을 할 예정이다. Pye-mak-sik ddae BTS-ga gong-yeon-eul hal ye-jeong-ee-da.



It has grown into an international festival just over the last decade. 10년만에 국제축제로 성장했습니다. sib-nyeon-man-e kuk-jae-chuk-jae-lo seong-jang-hae-sseub-ni-da.

This festival is expected to contribute to local economic growth. 이 축제는 지역의 경제 발전에 큰 공헌을 할 것입니다. Yi chuk-jae-neun ji-yeok-eui gyeong-jae-seong-jang-e keun gong-heon-eul hal geo-sib-ni-da.

This is a festival commemorating the historical event that happened 100 years ago.  100년전 있었던 역사적인 사건을 기념하는 축제입니다. Baek-nyeon-jeon ee-sseo-ddeon yeok-sa-jeok-in sa-geon-eul gi-nyeom-ha-neun chuk-jae-ib-ni-da.

I’ll decide whether I’ll go or not after seeing which guest singer is coming. 초대가수로 누가 오는지 보고 갈지 결정할게. Cho-dae-ga-su-lo nu-ga o-neun-ji bo-go gal-ji gyeol-jeong-hal-ge.


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