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The Korean Table: From Barbecue to Bibimbap – BOOK REVIEW

Have you ever thought to try your hand at cooking Korean dishes, but feel daunted about where to start? With ‘The Korean Table: From Barbecue to Bibimbap’ cookbook, you will have a useful guide to the basics of Korean cookery, with one part consisting of traditional recipes and the other being a contemporary take on Korean flavours.

This cookbook is filled with glossy pages laden with plenty of mouthwatering photographs! It is split into sections to satisfy all of your Korean culinary needs, including starters and snacks, salads, kimchi and sides, soups and hotpots, meats, seafood, desserts and more! The instructions are simple and easy to follow and understand, and some examples of the recipes include kimchi jeon (kimchi pancakes), sundubu chigae (tofu and clam hot pot), ojingeoh salad (spicy squid salad that can be served hot/cold), and heukmi joomeokbap (sticky rice with dried fruit and nuts). There are handy tips on certain pages of the book, which are fun to read as well as useful.

This book is great for beginners to Korean cookery, as it provides the building blocks to making delicious, yet none-too-taxing meals. There is a very useful section on sauces, which are a pillar of Korean dishes. From seasoned red pepper paste to dipping sauces, there is plenty to get you started! The meat recipes are also a highlight. Why not try the barbecued beef ribs recipe? You may have noticed that barbecuing is a popular way of cooking in Korea, and you can experience the delights of it in your own home with ‘The Korean table’.

There is also a summary and explanation of fundamental ingredients so that the recipes make sense from the outset. For the mandu Korean dumpling recipe, there are even additional stepwise instructions accompanied by pictures to get you around the tricky steps of wrapping the fillings! ‘The Korean table: From Barbecue to Bibimbap’ will help you on your way to creating a delicious spread of Korean dishes in no time!

Featured image source: Image source: © The Korean Table, 16.03.2017, Amazon

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