Korean Gift Guide!

It can be somewhat difficult to round up presents for all your family, friends and loved ones this time of year – especially if you have no idea what to get everyone!

So we’ve searched our shopping carts, checked our wish-lists and put together this gift guide, which hopefully makes Christmas gift shopping a bit less stressful~!

Romantio Southern Shirt – $12.38 US

©로맨티오남방, 13.10.2014,

©로맨티오남방, 13.10.2014,

The first item on our gift guide is the Romantio Southern (로맨티오남방) shirt from Sonyunara, an awesome fashion house based in Seoul. This shirt has a minimally tailored collar, can be worn by guys or gals and comes in mustard, black and ivory.

It’s also comfortable to wear, matches well with an autumn atmosphere and, most of all, wont break the bank!

Dr. Jart Clay Trio – $21.81 US

©Dermaclear Clay Trio, 13.10.2014,

©Dermaclear Clay Trio, 13.10.2014,

Facial sheet masks are one of Korea’s most iconic skincare products, but recently clay masks have been growing in popularity – and we think the Dr. Jart+ Dermaclear Trans-Foam Clay Trio is the best one out there. These wash-off facial clay masks cleanse the face, clear pores, remove oil and makeup, exfoliate the skin and is a gem that all K-Beauty junkies will adore!

This set comes with three coloured clay masks that each have different effects on the skin:

  • White – which has camomile to provide a calming effect
  • Pink – which moisturises and hydrates the skin with a lotus flower extract
  • Green – combines green tea, lemongrass and eucalyptus to reduce oil

The 7 Day Mask Sheet Set – $18.53 US

©7 Day Mask, 17.10.2014,

©7 Day Mask, 17.10.2014,

But if you, or who you’re buying for, prefer the more traditional face masks then we’ve got you covered! Our 7 Day Mask Sheet Set follows the rising trend of applying one sheet mask every day for a week – a routine that many Korean idols and celebrities swear by!

Sold at our shop, each set is a surprise and includes many popular masks that moisturise, brighten and soothe the face. Our mask sheet set is the best gift to get anyone who either needs to help their skin or who simply loves Korean beauty products!

Boglegel Plushie – $17.69 US

©도께비, 13.10.2014,

©도께비, 13.10.2014,

If you loved Goblin as much as we did then you’ll be delighted to know the cute little plushie Kim Shin bought for Eun Tak in episode five of the drama is actually available for sale!

The ‘Boglegel’ and other Bonicrew dolls, such as Blackhug and Poipot, have become immensely popular overseas in places like Taiwan, China, North America and more. These plushies are soft, cuddly and will be an adorable addition to any bedroom.

K-Pop Enamel Pins – $12.84 US

©manduapparel, 13.10.2014,

©manduapparel, 13.10.2014,

If you’re a diehard K-Pop fan (or have friends that are) but you don’t have the funds to buy you’re favourite group’s merch then Mandu Apparel has you covered!

This online store stocks various K-Pop inspired clothes and accessories, but our favourites are light-stick inspired enamel pins – which include VIXX, ASTRO, EXOTWICE, NCT 127, Seventeen, Monsta X and BTS.

These pins are small, beautifully designed and are a simple gift that will definitely be a good present for any fan of K-Pop.

Nation of Delivery ‘Ethnic’ Posters – $2.65 US each

©연애중이면 좋겠다, 13.10.2014,

©연애중이면 좋겠다, 13.10.2014,

If you ever go to Seoul you’ll see funny posters like this one pop up everywhere, whether it be in stores, cafes, restaurants or even street windows – they’re all over the place, which is why we think they would make a great gift!

There’s a variety of posters with different sayings on them available at Noldgage, but some of our personal favourites are; ‘연애중이면 좋겠다‘ (‘I wish I was dating’ pictured above), ‘살찌는 것은 죄가 아니다‘ (‘Fattening is not a sin’) and ‘청소를 안 하면 새로운 우주가 탄생한다‘ (‘If you do not clean, a new universe is born’).

These posters are fun decorations and even if you buy more than one you’ll still have enough funds for other presents!

 DIY Foundation Cushion – $16.49 US

©It's My Cushion, 15.10.2014,

©It’s My Cushion, 15.10.2014,

Foundation and concealing cushions have been rocking our world lately, and one product that’s caught our eyes in particular is the ‘Its My Cushion DIY Case‘! This sleek, compact  cushion case allows you to mix your own foundation and BB Cream in order to create your own perfect shade.

Sold at Memebox, this case is comes in black, white, pink and blue and is easy to travel with – which makes it the ideal gift for anyone who’s always on the go.

Seoul from A-Z – $12.30

©Seoul From A-Z, 15.10.2014,

©Seoul From A-Z, 15.10.2014,

If you have any family or friends that are keen to learn more about Korean culture and traditions then Seoul from A-Z is the perfect present.

This 64 page book is filled to the brim with colourfully illustrated words and situations as well as ironic jokes, cute anecdotes and fun facts! It will give anyone who reads it insight into life in Seoul and is an absolute gem that we highly recommend.

Korean Culture Box – $18.59 US

©IMK-Box, 16.10.17,

©IMK-Box, 16.10.17,

Lastly, our final suggestion for the perfect Christmas gift is another one of our products; the Korean Culture Box!  Each of our subscription boxes are especially curated and filled with goodies that can help you feel closer to Korea – such as Korean snacks, beauty and K-Pop products and our magazine that covers everything from the latest trends to Korean history.

Our boxes also come in different themes that change each month, so you’ll always have new and unique surprises when you receive any of our culture boxes! Since we ship worldwide our boxes are a great gift to anyone who wants to experience Korean culture!

Featured Image Source: ©©ayumi takahashi , 16.10.2014,

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