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This month, we’ve written up a jam-packed card full of phrases for you to pick and choose from. Glance through and choose according to your ability!


  1. 저는 (jeo-neun) = I
  2. 예전 (ye-jeon) = the old days, the past
  3. 드라마 (deu-la-ma) = TV series, drama
  4. 정말 (jeong-mal) = really
  5. 많이 (manh-i) = much, a lot
  6. 보다 (bo-da) = to watch, see
  7. 봤어요 (bwass-eo-yo) = watched, saw


저는 예전에 드라마를 정말 많이 봤어요.
Jeo-neun ye-jeon-e deu-la-ma-leul jeong-mal manh-i bwass-eo-yo.
I watched a lot of dramas in the past.

하지만 (ha-ji-man) = however
이제 (i-je) = now
잘 (jal) = well
-지 않다 (-ji anh-da) = not

하지만 이제는 드라마를 잘 보지 않아요.
Ha-ji-man i-je-neun deu-la-ma-leul jal bo-ji anh-a-yo.
However, I don’t really watch dramas now.


한 번 (han-beon) = once
Verb Stem + -기 ( ? + gi) = nominalisation of a verb
시작하다 (si-jak-ha-da) = to start
-면/으면 (-myeon/eu-myeon) = if
멈추다 (meom-chu-da) = to stop
힘들다 (him-deul-da) = to be hard, to be tiring, to be difficult
-거든요 (-geo-deun-yo) = because … (usually to explain something new that the other
person probably doesn’t know)

한 번 드라마를 보기 시작하면 멈추기가 힘들거든요.
Han beon deu-la-ma-leul bo-gi si-jak-ha-myeon meom-chu-gi-ga him-deul-geo-deun-yo.
If I start watching a drama, it’s hard to stop.

그래도 (geu-lae-do) = nevertheless, even so
몇 개 (myeot-gae) = several things
있다 (iss-da) = to have, there is, to exist

그래도 제가 보는 드라마가 몇 개 있어요.
Geu-lae-do je-ga bo-neun deu-la-ma-ga myeot gae iss-eo-yo.
Even so, there are several dramas that I watch.

It’s a drama.


그런데 (geu-leon-de) = But, somehow, however
지금 (ji-geum) = now
지금까지 (ji-geum-kka-ji) = so far, until now
조금 (jo-geum) = a little
실망스럽다 (sil-mang-seu-leob-da) = to be disappointing

그런데 지금까지는 조금 실망스러워요.
Geu-leon-de ji-geum-kka-ji-neun jo-geum sil-mang-seu-leo-wo-yo.
But so far (until now), it’s a little bit disappointing.

스포일링 (seu-po-il-ling) = spoiling
금지 (geum-ji) = prohibition

스포일링 금지!
Seu-po-il-ling geum-ji!
No spoiling!


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